This blog is a dream becoming a reality part of an endless Bucket list, the one I’m gonna be posting about later. I do a lot of stuffs like drawing, write stories I’m gonna publish on Kindel and a few over here. I’m working on a new adventure to travel the world for a living, I’m recording a disc with my band, I also started to manage a YouTube channel a month ago for spanish speakers on Spiritual Development and in a few months I’m starting new YouTube channels on my bucket list, my band and a Production Company. Also I’m studing as hard as I can to become an hyperglot and be able to stand a conversation in at least 16 languages, 9 out of 16 currently, kind of. By the way I apologize in advance for any mistake as you maybe already notice english is not my first language.

I hope you like the content I’m gonna be posting and wish you success on everything you take on. Dare to turn your dreams into a reality too!


  1. Wow, conversations in 16 languages! My hat!!!!! I speak only four foreign languages and have some knowledge of two more. I blog in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I understand German and Swedish, but not able to blog in them. None of these languages is my mother tongue. It is Finnish, which is difficult.
    Have a good day!

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