To the insensible citizen

What would it happen if, due to insensibility of people and authorities about this situation (The pandemic), all the health personnel decide to abandon hospitals? Who is gonna assits you? If population doesn’t care about the lives of the medics and their families why the health personnel do have to sacrifice themselves for the lives of the population? Why do they have to put in risk their lives and those of their families for your life and yours who got affected due to your irresponsibility?

You are wrong insensible citizen. Until this they there hava die valuable members of the health sector, honorable people and people of good, people who gave everything to maintain your health, people who do was valuable for society, brothers and sisters of profession, people who shouldn’t have die, people who died for take care of you, died people who broke their backs and gave mind and heart to get you ahead. Do you think that’s fair? And you go to the supper to the street and even you line up to buy beer, you make parties, soccer games or so.

The health personnel is exhausted phisically and mentally and more than anything disappointed because of your lack of empathy. It’d be more than enough just one day of absenteeism of the health personnel for you to really value how important it is for them to be ready to assit you. This is a desperate cry for help for the colleagues who are in the front line in this battlefield. For them and their families enough already! The proceeding of the society and the authorities I feel it as a mock of the health personnel. What a shame, for real. Fellow doctors, nurses and health personnel help our voice to be listened, the voice of the health guild, people’s voice.

All this was written by the health guild who are desperate at the lack of solidarity of society. A couple of day’s ago I found a video of a woman who was hiding in a well when the second war for over 3 years, and people couldn’t resist only a few months? I totally get that not everybody can have the bless of working from home but I’m more than sure than more than one of us know about at least 1 person who had been making parties, reunions and going out without having the need to do it. The faster governments and enterprises chose money, by opening boarders and places, over people’s health and security the longer the pandemic will last and even new outbreaks will happen over and over. For 40 misserable days people can’t stand to be calm and at home? That’s so disappointing about society in general, selfish people.

I think we as species haven’t know to appreciate the real value of health personnel and I think the whole world should recognize globally every single person who have worked this pandemic for the good of rest because they are heroes we don’t deserve.

Some patients recover, because they believe in doctors. Hippocrates.