Back in february I made a post on how I was learning dart and python. I’ve made some personal projects from a simple tic tac toe to a personal asistant, a program to meassure the flow state and webscraping for getting stock marcket shares with one click.

Recently I was working on some personal apps and then I decided to work on one I have been thinking for a time already on how to deal with emotions. Since it’s an idea that would require artificial inteligence and so on I thought on starte with a simpler version for my self, but while I was developing the idea on my mind I thought it’d be a better idea to put it on the play store directly.

At the beggining I thought such project would take me only a couple of weeks as much but once released some flaws started popping out so to fix it took me a long time and to get to a “stable enough” version ended up taking me more than a month in total.

I gotta admit that it was a pretty frustraiting project, more because of the simplicity of it, or at least the one that I was expecting. At the begginig I considered that to create emotions it’s easier than it sounds but when the project went further away from a personal project to be something to be worth sharing with others then it turned more interesting, because the shadows of emotions are way too many and they change a lot going from one extreme to other and to try to give a general support to others, more than just giving it to myself, since in such way we don’t the situation the person is living and trying to target every single emotino is a very complex way to do so.

Never the less, as I continue advancing and improving with my knowledge on flutter and so I expect to as well keep improving the app in future versions of it. For now I’m happy to present the release of my first app on the play store. At the moment the version is only in spanish, however I’m already working on the english version of it.


If you wanna download make sure to check it on the Play Store.

“Emotion is energy in motion.” – Peter McWilliams

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