Secrets talking plants say

When the COVID situation started I decided to start wmaking an small orchard, I have always loved plants and animals, and I decided that maybe it was a good idea to start growing my own food and plants in general so I first decided to try with an onion, almost imediatelly it started growing and developing roots and I got inspired for it so I decided to try with a farlic as well and the same thing happened with it so I got more and more interested in making my own orchard. I don’t have so much space since I live in the city but while researching I found all kind of suggestions, tutorials and advices on how to grow stuff in a limited space.

After a couple of weeks i decided to germinate some tomatoes which so far are the ones I’m the proudest of, but before continue telling you about the rest of my plants and so let me tell the main reasons why I got interested on them, several years ago I heart that avocado take a long time to grow, so it helps to develope patience, same thing talking about bonsais but to a deeper level, so I decided to start with an avocado a long time ago, which I didn’t success to grow. Then I watched a video where a Rabbi explained how to become a millionaire in one two years or so, and he said something that is not a secret but most of us tend to not realize or simply are not that interested or care about.

The Rabbi explained that with one single tomatoe one can get out of it, more than 50 seeds and plant them, so they will give more than just one tomatoe, lets say each seed gives 10 tomatoes that means 500 new seeds to get 250,000 new seeds after geting 10 more tomatoes…, without money, the numbers can increase over and over, and very soon you can get to a billion tomatoes, with not that much effort. So, plants, food, patience developing and money, what else can you ask for?

During this time trying to grow several vegetables and fruits I’ve discovered something pretty amazing, maybe pretty obvious but just as you cannot notice the difference on the greens of the plants you cannot notice that they talk, literally, on their own way. I remember to have read an article almost a year ago where they mentioned a study where they found out that plants have their own language and they communicate between them with their leaves, roots and sometimes even feromones and so.

For me I started noticing while taking care of my plants, I started noticing that without being totally awear of it I touch the plants and caress them, and they kinda let me to know that they want and how they feel, it’s not only how they look like but how they feel like. You’ll see, there are some plants who like water more than otheres, there are some who like sun more than otheres and so on.

If you just touch the leaves of the plants you’ll know what I mean, when the plant is fine their touch is firm, kinda humid without being wet, when they are enough watter but much sun they will get weak and you feel them not firm at all, just humid and very flimsy, but when they didnt had enough water they simply get dry and rough, if they are flimsy you can still save them, if they are getting dry and feeling rought, they possibilities are smaller but if you give them to drink water and let them recover they might let some leaves die die but the plant can save.

Always do your best. What you plant now you will harvest later.

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