Cooking Rocks

A certain day, after several weeks of war the king, finally got back to his kingdom from the battles. The whole kingdom was severely affected by the war which provoke the food to started lacking. Once in his castle still he was a king, for which the servants approached thanking him for saving the kingdom from the opponents.

With the king back it was time for the kingdom to start recovering but for now there was no food and unfortunately for the chef the king hadn’t eat in more than 3 days either because of the battles he served at.

The cook approached the king with humilty and worry and asked the king.

-Magesty, it’d be my pleasure to serve anything you want to eat…

-I’m starving! Bring every single dish! I want turkey, pork, chicken, fish, every fruit there is and all the delicacies you have in the that kitchen! -The king hurried to interrput the nervous chef that was kneeling in front of him with his head down. -Hurry! I don’t see you run!

-Majesty, -Stuttered the chef afraid to suffer the wrath of his King. -During the war the food started lacking and we have nothing in the kitchen anymore. People all around the kingdom have died of hunger and here the food began to run low. What can I prepare you to eat my Magesty?

The king lost the the temper imediatelly misunderstanding the tone of the question the cook asked and all he could do was answer back in a sarcastic way yelling:

-Give anything to eat! I don’t care, give me rocks to eat!

The scared cook got up from the floor and bowed at the King running away as fast as he could to the kitchen.

The cook hurried as much as he could and just 2 hours later the King was sitting at the table trying waiting eager for his food.

The cook came out of the kitchen a put a dish in front of king, that he had never seen before, some sort of puree that looked like beef with a few vegetables on side.

The King gave him a quick glance and the nervous chef bowed with his head, the King didn’t pause a moment to even smell the dish so he started eating it right away. He couldn’t believe it, the taste was amazing and without stopping eating he started complementing the chef.

-This is the tastiest dish you have ever cooked before! -He took a bunch of it with his fingers and swallowed it closing his eyes with pleasure. -What is this exquisiteness?

The cook took a moment to answer and then worried after a moment to answer afraid of how could the King react.

-The dish it’s milled rocks majesty.

Appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had.

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