Cannot fake

We all have hear they always say “fake it till you make it”, but in fact there are certain stuff we cannot fake, we cantry to pretend them but that’s exactly the point of this post, after certain level some stuff aren’t simply possible to fake. Yes we have Hollywood which basically the whole thing, from the movies to the whole environment of fame, is based on pretending and faking to be or do stuff.

Fortunately the fact that some stuff aren’t possible to be pretended or faked is what makes those stuff so desirables and admirable to everybody’s eyes. What the heck am I talking about? Simple, we cannot fake to be in shape, we do can wear shaping belts or even wear fillings, get surgeries, paint the faces, wear make up, and so. But after a certain point it’s not possible to fake it, no matter how many surgeries you get, your body will still feeling and being fake.

We all have seen those videos on how much some women change themselves with tons of make up, but after some point, they will have to take off the make up land wash their faces, no matter how much injections they get, tattoes or surgeries their faces will still be fake. Same thing happens with being rich, being successful, being smart, having friends, having achievements and so on. It’s always possible to pretend you are poor when you are rich, it’s always easy to fake you are fat when you are in shame, to make yourself beautiful when you are ugly. But after some point we need to show ourselves as we really are and those who we care the most about are exaclty the ones who will notice it first.

My point? Well simple, we all have bad, we all have good, there’s good in the bad and there’s bad in the good, and those things are the base of being who we are which makes it pointless to pretend to be something we are not. We always tend to start our relationships trying to show just the good of ourselves and try to hide the bad for later, but it will actually make a more pure and real relationship the fact of not hidding the reality which is exaclty that the true.

Be true to yourself no matter what. It might wont be right for someone else, but it’s right for you.