Learnings on life 3

  • Patience is understanding… (The other, the story, through empathy, the situation, to live with Stoicism), that is gonna take time… to achieve or get “X”.
  • I feel better when I’m dancing
  • “The all” ‘s plans are wiser than mine.
  • Don’t cry and quit, cry and keep going, you are already hurt and already in pain, suffering, now get a reward of it.
  • Responsibility is power.
  • If you are gonna doubt, doubt about your limits.
  • Remember you once desired with all your heart what (There’s always something) you have today.
  • Success without satisfaction is failure.
  • When I feel weak is when I’m strong (in “The all” ‘s hands.)
  • Kaizen – 1% (This can require a whole post by itself to explain and share)
  • If you ask for humility “The all” is not gonna make you humble magically from one day to the next one, “The all” is gonna send you, instead, situations where you are gonna have to be humble.
  • Always be careful with what you ask for and with what you promise.
  • 40% Rule (When you feel like giving up, and your mind and body feel like telling you to stop because you already gave everything you had this means simply that your body and your mind are telling you, in reality, that you just got to only the 40% of your capability)
“That who does what he loves is condemn to succede.”