Shake the table

The belief system is the most important part in our subconscious, belief determinate how we behave, how we act, how we percieve the world. For a few years I researched about beliefs, how to discover them, how to change them, how to create new ones and unfortunately I never found anything substancial enough to use it, so it could provoke a big impact or difference on my perspective or way to work on myself, until I read Anthony Robbin’s book “Awaken the giant within”.

Tony compares a belief with a table which in order to be a table it needs to have enough legs to hold it and/or thick enough, the table is the idea, e.g. “Money is the root of all evil.” and the table to be a table needs legs and these are the evidence for such belief to exist. “People kill to have money”, “People loses their values just to get money”, “People steal from others to get it”, “They take advantage of other’s to get it”. When we have enough evidence or one strong enough then a belief is born, and if it wouldn’t have already become complex enough to this point, we have a believe about every single thing that exists.

From concepts, to people, to situations, to objects, to ourselves, etc, we have a belief or more for everything and all of them are storage in our subconcious and rule us. We are not even aware of them many times and sometimes even when we consciously know they are wrong, we are not sure or don’t know how to “discover” such beliefs, how to see them and way less how to change them. Tony suggest to “shake the table”, if the legs are not strong enough the table will break and fall, and even if the legs are strong enough but we shake its legs we can change the legs by new ones, new evidence of the opposite and basically it will be a whole new table.

He suggest to first make a list of beliefs during ten minutes. How? First you need to know there are two different kinds of beliefs like “if…. then…”, e.g. “If I work hard then I’ll be rewarded” and another kind of beliefs he call global ones like “People is good” this ones can be about anything, ourselves, subjects, people, actions, etc. “I’m a good man“, “Time is variable“, “Shortage is something painful“, “Abundance is a bless“.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. – Henry Ford

Now you got your list of beliefs you can start working on them but, personally, I’d suggest to check first on the beliefs that have cause you troubles or the ones that worry you the most. So, how to shake the table? Through specific questions:

  • How is this belief ridiculous or absurd?
  • The person from who I learnt this belief would it be worth to be imitated in this specific aspect?
  • What would it cost emotionally if I don’t get rid of this belief?
  • What would it be the price on my relationships if I don’t get rid of this belief?
  • What would it be the price on a physical level if I don’t get rid of this belief?
  • What would it be the price on a financial level if I don’t get rid of this belief?
  • What would it be the price for my family and loving ones if I don’t get rid of this belief?

These are the questions Tony suggest to ask yourself in order to shake your table. At the begining it might even seem difficult but fast you’ll get used to look for the ridiculous and absurd on such core inner concepts. I dare to suggest you a few more questions to shake that table even more:

  • How has this belief hurt or caused me and/or others pain?
  • How has this belief limited me?
  • What created this belief or where did it came from?
  • Why did I adopt it?
  • What’s the evidence of the opposite to this belief?
  • How will it benefit me and/or others to adopt the opposite belief to this one?

Tony also suggest to link pain to the negative belief and pleasure to the new and positive belief but that could require a whole new post by itself. When you finished answering such questions he suggest you to write the new belief that will replace the one you just worked on and to end up he suggest not just to do this and stay like that but to strengthen or reaffirm your news beliefs so they won’t fade away with time, for this you can help yourself with the spaced repetition technique I’ve told you about in other posts.

Now that you have your new tool to keep improving and working on yourself I suggest you to try to practice changing the belief mentioned at the beggining of the post and modify its legs so you see how to do it when you start working on your own ones.

Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having a positive result.