The bird

It was Shabbath and he was sitting at the street, he had a small vase on his side with water, there was not to many people on the street, but those very few who passed by were not going too far.

He poured the water on the ground and started mixing the soil with it until he got a little ball of mud. Those very few people who walked by started looking at him, he didn’t even realized, he simply continued passing the mud from one hand to the other and looking at it with curiousity.

With both hands completely covered with mud he held the ball and started squeezing it with his tiny fingers until it took a shape like a piece of bread. In that moment a Rebeh was passing by and saw him “playing” with the mud what caught his attention, the Rebeh stayed at the entrance of the synagogue staring at him, curious.

The little kid moved in the place without even noticing the Rebeh and his back covered at what he was doing, the Rebeh tried to look over his shoulder but he was not able to see what he was doing but he could listen that the little kid was talking to the mud he was playing with. The situation started worrying the Rebeh but he tried to be cautious and not judge beforehand.

The kid started caressing the mud and shaped it, he made a little peak at the tip of the mud and at that moment the back of the kid let the Rebeh see what the kid was doing with the mud which got exalted at the Rebeh, he could not tolerate such thing, it was Shabbath and that was forbidden. He ran towards the kid and started scolding him.

The kid jumped in his place and closed his small hands right away, covering with them the tiny mud bird. The kid just stared at him with guilty but humble eyes without even answering. A vein poped on the Rebeh’s neck and his face started getting red, the kid was just looking at him without even reacting but he kept spitting words that ran one over the other.

After listening at the yelling the mother of the kid came out of the house running directly to where her kid was “playing” just a few moments before to find the Rebeh yellign at him.

-… that’s unforgivable.

-What happened? – She asked worried.

-He broke the Shabbath!

-What do you mean he broke the Shabbath? – The worried mom asked the Rebeh afraid and looked at her kid that was still in the same position without any reaction.

-He was molding a bird with the mud! That’s considered working! He disrepected the law!

The worried mother looked at the vase without water, the wet ground and inquired the boy with her green eyes. He just held his hands closed and looked at her.

Yeshúa, why did you do it? Open your hands! – Said the worried mom with a broken voice.

The kid opened his little hands slowly and a small bird flew away from them.

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. – Matthew 18:19-20