The two shoe sellers

The 1900’s had just begun a decade ago years ago and it had become easier than ever to go to the other side of the word way faster than before. Charles H. Beckman had just founded Red Wing Shoes a in 1905 and he was eager to look for new oportunities so he decided to risk on new and unexplored teritories.

After thinking about it for too long he finally decided to send two of his best shoes sellers, John and Earl, to africa in order to look for new places where to sell their shoes.

The day had come and John and Earl finally got on board of the HMS Yacht nervous for what the travel that Charles sent them on had prepared for them.

After 18 days the ship finally tied up on port and in front of them nothing but a lost land. They arrived to Namibia and stayed at the first place they found but the next day would be a whole new experience, they would have to go to different places and look for a place where they could bring the business to.

When they woke up next day, after paying to the host for the rooms Jhon and Earl elbowed each other when they started noticing that Jaheem, the owner of the hostal, wasn’t wearing any shoes. They haven’t noticed it due to their fatigue the day before at all.

Earl went to look for the guide who would take them to the next town where they’d break paths for a month, John would go to Nama and Earl to Sandawe. While waiting for John, Earl asked Jaheem something for wich he wasn’t prepare to get such answer. Tuma, the translator, started laughing when he pointed at Earl’s feet and only then Earl noticed that Tuma wasn’t wearing shoes either.

Tuma and Jaheem couldn’t stop laughing and Earl thought he understood the situation in which his parter and him had got to.

After a couple of months Charles got two telegrams, one from Earl and one from John, one wrote:

-Situation hopeless. They don’t wear shoes.

And the second salesman wrote:

-Glorious oportunity! They don’t have any shoes yet!

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.