The two soldiers

-Grenade! – Someone yelled covering with his voice for a moment the sound of the bullets flying all over the place.

Don covered his head and climbed out of the trench as fast as he could. An explosion made the earth shake and his ears started buzzing, first as if something hit them with a huge preassure and then as if all the air around him would have been vacumed. With his eyes yet closed he squeezed them feeling a dizzines sensation that made him fall into the trench right away. When he finally opened his eyes everything around him was covered with a white fog and small pieces of earth started raining all around.

Ships don’t think because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

He overcame the dizziness and got up as fast as he could, kneeling. The attack was so unnexpected that just now he noticed his Enfield-SMLE wasn’t with him, right away the voice of his commander on charge came to his head yelling at them over and over again during training.

-“I don’t care if you are shiteing, sleeping, or pissing, bring your rifle with you! From now on, it’s gonna be your girlfriend, your mom and your cross! UNDERSTOOD?

-Sir! Yes Sir! – Everybody reply in unison.”

When the buzzing got lower he leaned against the back of the trench trying to remember where his rifle was at.

-Bloody Burnett! – Don always hated Brunett’s tendency to be right on everything. When Don finally remembered where he was standing before the grenade the buzzing started fading from his ears and he started listenning the explosions all around, he hurried to the other side of the trench when in the middle of the fog and the shots a noise that ran his blood cold started becoming louder and lourder.

He had heard way too many of his friends yelling and complaining due to injuries but this time it sounded different. The loudest weeping was coming from the corner of the trench. When he arrived a broken Charles was crying covering his ears and screaming to stop.

-Please! Stop it! I want to go home! Please!

Don couldn’t believe his eyes, it was the first time they met and yes Charles was a couple of years younger but their attitude was the difference. Both of them were under the same bullets, at the same place with the same traning and yet the Charles he met just before wasn’t at all the same one crying in the trench.

Attitude makes all the difference. Both had basically the same kind of life back at home, similar stories, same preparation, same perspective on life and yet their attitide made the difference, a huge one. It’s almost not necesary to say that Don got up, fought, lived and became a hero while Charles panic and was one of the unkown soldiers that fell.