Love in the time of covid-19


It was something spine-chilling to see his image combined with the sepulchral silence from that scene. The border was 10 km behind. He approached with parsimony at first to the main street while some cries started being audible as he got closer. A door slammed because of the wind and the beating of the wings by a raven a few meters away raised the dust from the ground.

The black robe waved with every step and a black smoke started to fill the sky on his right while a white smoke was turning off on the left a couple of hundred meters behind the buildings.

A gray sky lighten in silence behind him and a few drops followed while he was crossing the entrance to the restricted area. Giovanni squeezed the staff touper and adjusted his hat now nervous to enter, even after so long and even after the numbers were decreasing more and more. The plague had stop a couple of centuries before but there were still appearing new localized outbreaks all over. The outbreak was almost over in Milan but the image of the uniform Giovanni was dressing stayed to posterity as a terrorific image that with time started representing death and devastation.


The Spanish Flu killed around 100 millon people all over the world, as if the Great War wouldn’t have been more than enough…


The virus has spread in more than 110 countries, with more than 115.000 infected people and more than 4.000 mortal victims. The predictions? 200 to 400 million mortal victims with 2 billions infected if it’s not controlled properly. Fortunatelly we are not in the 1340’s, we have vaccines developing, our knowledge in medicine is way much better than back in 1918 and Scientists all around the world can work without interruptions, they can work together, connected, even if being appart in different countries. It can take 1 year or more but a vaccin will appear sooner or later.

Distribution on the other hand…, there could be conflicts but if we all work together, Governments, which I’m more than sure we are gonna do, such thing won’t happen.

We gotta stop worrying so much about pandemics and focus more on acts of kindness, even at its worst it’s not the end of the world. The media fills all with awful news when there are million of small great things that are happening at every moment, all around the world. This doesn’t mean not to take seriously the situation and not to be careful about hygiene and contact but just let’s try to be less drammatic about the situation, this is real life, not a fateful movie on human extinction. Such situation as this one will always happen, over and over, that’s nature, but we after this pass by the rest will still around. Whoever we are there’s no reason not to be gentle and kind to each other. After this we will still have to keep working, studying, living, loving.

The best is yet to come.