The best virus ever

Bob Marley used to have a sort of virologist idea that he could, kinda, inject love into people’s lives through his music. On the series How I met your mother (HIMYM) on Season 3 Episode 15 Barney explained about The Chain of Screaming, and there are many other examples on how emotions get spread.

Same thing happens with ideas, with the discovery of gravitational waves scientist understood that basically everything provokes them not only starts and planets but living beings and so, and depending on the “frequency” of such waves is what we attract. Literally if you put loud music at your place the waves will move and when someone listens to them, according to their own frequency, they’ll might like what you are listening, they’ll don’t care or they’ll get annoyed. It is the same with attitude, thoughts and emotions.

In the dictionary the word “Attitude” is described as an emotional and physical posture, and mirroring it is to reflect the talker’s body language, attitude and even breading, by doing so it is possible to connect in a deep level with the person and even being able to influence their states, of course is also posible to “affect” the talker in many other ways but the main point, that’s the main reason to use the word influence and not manipulation, is “move” the other in a positive way, to help or share with them, not to force nor make them do what we want on our benefit but in both of us or on that person’s benefit.

Ok, let’s now say we are not even talking with the person, mirroring will still work, but what about not even seeing the person, or not even getting in contact with them. Recently I watched a documentary on the Unabomber and basically Ted didn’t even saw the people he killed, his message is a bit extreme, let’s say he is right but his way of communicating it is not, on what he do was right was on saying that “Bombs get attention but words can create a revolution…”. I’ve mentioned in other posts about Facundo Cabral’s poem where he says that “A bomb makes more noise than a caress but for every caress that destroys there are millions of caresses building life…”.

The ideas are the most persistent thing there can be which means we won’t get rid of Racism and hate in a bit, but what it also means is that they are spreadable, and we are the ones who decide what to spread, with out acts, behaviors, words and creations. Every idea there is, it’s a belief, not necesarilly true, depending on the perspective from which is seen, I’ll explain; He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both right.

Quantum Mechanics scientist have found that the subatomical particules change depending on who is “looking” at them, the attitude the person has on what s/he is looking it affects the reality. It doesn’t matter if ti was Confucious or Henry Ford who said such words, we make things truth or false, maybe not in a “universal” way but for certain for ourselves and those who vibrate as us. Such thing is what happens with people like flat earth people who have even made experiments themselves to prove the earth is flat and the result said is round and they still believing on their idea.

Fortunatelly, an idea, being a belief it can be modified, Anthony Robbins uses the example of the table, and table to be a table needs of enough legs or thick enough to hold the table up, same thing happens with a belief, It needs of enough and/or strong evidence to become a belief. So, what is the idea you are gonna spread, and what are the evidence that support that belief of your and more important how are you gonna spread such virus.