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Learning a new language is alwas cool but what about programming languages?

At university I was taught to program over C, C#, Java, SQL apart from HTML (Which is not even considered a programming language) some cmd commands and so on but I never understood, even when I was already working, why I was never taught some other stuff wich I always considered extremelly important to learn like Bash coding to an appropiate level and not just the basics as well as PHP, python, Ruby, R, Objective C and so. With time I started noticing how the amount of languages started increasing around.

Nevertheless I always had been learning by myself everything I can, so I got certificates on PHP, JavaScript, ABAP and other few, but more recently I been learning Python and Dart and even having a background on programming and having worked previously as a programmer for a while after some time of pausing all contacts with programming languages I noticed, at the beggining, how frustrating can it be to learn something new like a programming language.

Technology keeps growing every day and becoming more and more complex but at the same time I know it is becoming more and more necessary for everybody to learn at least the basicts of programming. Coding can be pretty intimidating after, as a newbie, looking at a program for the first time that counts 10 or more files, tons of folders, and 5000 lines of code that can seem like the matrix even more after watching the stereotype Hollywood presents us of hackers that only with a few lines of codes hack the whole stock market or whatever, but nothing further from reality.

Coding it’s a lot of googling, testing, debugging, writting and looking at your code for hours looking for, maybe, only one single character like a colon or so that is messing the whole program up. What I’m trying to say is that you have nothing to be intimidated for, it does can be a bit frustrating sometimes but if you want you can learn by yourself.

Nowadays there are tons of free resources to learn to program and basically almost any skill you wanna learn so I wanna share a small list of places I think are great to get some basics about how to learn to program in almost any language you want, most are free but of course there are some that charge as well but that depends on everyone and what they want to learn but whatever it be you wanna learn prepare to get tons of knowledge on everything if you are a newbie, the IDE (program) you wanna use the OS you wanna work on (Windows, Linux, macOS) and so on.

Real programmers count from 0

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