To my love on St. Valentines

I want to be in your life something more than an instant,
something more than a shadow and someting else than an eagerness.
I wanna be, in yourself, an indelible mark
and a constant memory and one truth.

To beat in your prayings with a fear of abandonment.
To be, in everything and due to everything, complement of yours.
An infinit thirst of caresses and kisses;
but not a habit of being close to me.

I wanna be in your life a sorrow of absence
and a pain by the distance and an eternal anxiety.
Something more than an image, and something more than a dream
that defeating the paths, comes, passes and leaves.

Be the cry in your eyes, and on your lips the laugh.
To be the end and the beginning. The darkness and the light.
And the earth, and the sky; and life self and the death .
Be just as in my life you have come to be.

Poem by Martin Galas Jr.