Munota Kuto O

Every quarrel, from the smallest disagreement to the biggest war comes always from two main factors, fears and misunderstandings. According to the Pareto principle, 80/20, most things occurs in an 80 to 20 factor and the same thing happens with conflicts, on the 80% of situations those misunderstandinings were because both parts actually wanted the same result but failed to communicate it due to some kind of Fear. Countries are afraid other governments to take advantage of their bad situations, just as people are fraid of being hurt, or to lose something or someone who matters to them. Fortunately we are the ones who can chose “what and when to understand” from a situation or a person.

If someone starts insulting us or even threating us, we can stay calm as long as we don’t understand the language in which it is being told in or we understand their fear behind such behavior. Missunderstandings, therefore, and understanding come from our perception and decisions on what something means to us.

So, what does a problem mean to you? Of course we have dictionaries with “standarized” concepts, but we all kinda have our own understanding of concepts and words according to our experiences and cultures. Researches found out that depending on the language we talk as a first language is the perception we have of things and situations, the same happens with our life experiences. Recently quantum mechanics researchers found out too that the perception we have of something literally affects “that something” we are looking at in a submolecular level. Years ago people used to say that the lack of access to information was the reason why the world had so many conflicts, now we have access to all the information we want through internet and we still have problems, or are they oportunities, what does your dictionary says?

Financial information is one of the examples of such situations. We are all surrounded for such information, but only only those who know the language of finances are the ones who understand it’s meaning and use it.

Love can be a complex word to get but it still is universal and it’s our common languange to communicate stuff to the ones we care of, even more when we need to communicate things we don’t necessarily want other’s to understand and is the main language to solve conflicts from the smallest misunderstanding to the biggest war.