Learnings on life

Four years ago I was listennig to Anthony Robbins on my way to work, and I couldn’t simply just stop listenning it when I finally arrived so I looked for the video over YouTube and listened it on my phone while I was working.

He then said something that changed my life and I hope many more people. He was explaining about the brain and how this one works on retaining useful or useless information, and that writting down stuff is the best way to keep the important information and let go the useless one. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly at what conference was the one he said that, but the good news is that basically all his seminars, books and so are great and have all a huge value.

Anyways, since then I started writting down everything I considered important although without any specific order or so. After a while reading a book by Dale Carnegie, How to make friends and influence people, I run over something similar Carnegie said, but he explained it based on learnigs specifically. Since that moment I started writting down each and every learning I got from life, from people, from books and even movies and series, but the reason to write such learnigns down is not simply to keep “them save” but to share them with anyone who might be helpful for.

Once written down, the most important thing is not to forget. It’s not difficult to learn a new languange but not to forget it, that’s what’s complicated, it’s not hard to learn a new skill but not to forget it and exactly the same thing happens with emotional, spiritual (not religious), mental and any other kind of learning.

Without anything to add I let you here some of my learnings and I hope I can be able to share more every time:

  • Take care. (Not in the sense of being careful but in the sense of caring of yourself, your mind, your soul, your body)
  • Be blatantly spiritual. (not in a religious way but in a spiritual one, the one that connects all religions.)
  • (God, the universe, a supreme power, love or whatever you believe in bigger than yourself, even just a group of people, for atheists and so on. – Now I’ll refer to such “existence” as “The All” to try to be respectful of anyone who read this. ) can do wonderful stuff out of bad situations.
  • Breathe. (Slowly)
  • Never approach anyone in order to get something out of them but a friendship.
  • Meditate, ignore (Negative thoughts), get distracted, it’s easy.
  • Ask (“The all”) for strength, courage, protection or help. (That’s to grab The all’s hand and lean on s/he/it)
  • Whenever you need it ask for help!!!
  • Be humble
  • The law of averges (If for every 100 people to who a salesman offers his product only 3 are eager to buy such product in order to break the law of avergaes he must just to break such average and instead of looking for only 100 people look for 200, 300 and so on in order to find the clients who do are looking for him)
  • Don’t get saturated with false activism, just be in the moment, be present.
“Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?” Anthony Robbins