Key to living the law of attraction by Jack Canfield Pt. 1

Creation never stops, to let life happen to you it’s irresponsible, to create your day is your divine right.

The law of attraction works through waves and vibrations. You cannot listen to a news radio station hoping to listen to classical music, you must modulate yourself to the frequency of what you are looking for.

If you do what you have always done you’ll get what you have always get – Anthony Robbins

You are energy, everything it is, you are a magnet, a magnet doesn’t try to attract something, it does. What are you attracting?

You are the author of your own life and you can take it to any direction you want. A positive thougth is 100 times stronger than a negative one. Thoughts are a rehersal of the action, they are real, measurable and every thought generates changes in you, physiological, emotional, spiritual, physical.

Negative thoughts are toxic. You gotta reprogram your subconcious. You can use the Sedona Method for it. Negative thoughts are interference like the static in a call. If you don’t eliminate them they reduce or delete your capability of achieving whatever you want to achieve.

What the mind of a man can create is what he can achieve – Napoleon Hill