52 Books in one year

Last year I read 52 books due to my new year’s eve resolutions, this year such goal is part as well of my resolutions with the intention of more than achieving a goal to make it a habit.

During the first 9 weeks of 2019 I focussed only on reading them by 10th week I read about some advice on notebooks (Goals, relationships, projects, family, etc)  and how to write learnings and why, so I decided to start a “Books notebook” making summaries about every book I read. 

So I started such notebook almost by the end of How to make friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie.

There’s a Ted Talk by Tai Lopez  and I remeber a lot how he says about books like talking to the person, in many aspects it does feels like that. Imagine being able to simply listen to Einstein talk to you, Galileo, Lao Tse… so many people who have changed the world for better and helped make it a bette place and the amount of knowledge you can get out of that, how you can improve or change your life for good through that. 

Back in the 90’s people used to say that the lack of equal access to information was the problem of society and that such situation was keeping us back, but nowadays most of us have access to such information and yes things have changed, but not as many as they should had improve. 

We all have the same amount of time per day, if you can’t read 52 books per year at least try 12 if you can’t even have time to read 12 at least try to listen to them, if you cant even listen to them on your way to work or so at least you can try No time for books. A page a day is better than none.

If you don’t have enough time to do all you wanted in a day you might be doing more than God wants you to do, or you are watching too much T.V. 

A life with purpose by Rick Warren

” You cannot open a book without learning something. – Confucius”


  1. Congratulations! 52 books are good start. I read approximately 150 books in a year. I have about 1500 books in French and reading them all, takes 10 years. Until now I have read then twice and I have started the third tour of reading them. My mother language is Finnish, but those books are in French.
    Have a wonderful day!

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