New year’s eve resolutions

In december of 2016 I watched a technology program and the host talked about Mark Zuckerberg and how he publish his new year’s eve resolutions like learning Mandarin, runing every day, programming every day, building an artificially intelligent home, etc, and that he does achieve them every year. By 2017 I started working with my new year’s eve resolutions and yes as most people I failed, but not as badly as I expected, other wise I kinda did way much more than I expected, and since then I’ve been working on achieving them year after year.

With every year I’ve improved more and more on achieving my goals and new year’s eve resolutions. This year I’m more determined than ever to achieve them and between them is to post every week at least one post. As they say “…winners never quit and those who quit never win.”

Just in case you need some ideas for your new years eve resolution I leave you some of mine to check:

  • To finish 12 courses of Udemy
  • To read 52 books
  • To write 52 posts
  • To run 5 kilometers every day (1825 K and use Charity Milles while I’m on it)
  • To give 3 compliments every day
  • To save all the bills of 50 I get during the year
  • To seed 52 trees using Ecosia and Forest (App)

If you have new ideas for next year resolutions let me know about them and tell me your new year’s eve resolutions for last year and this year. My best wishes and success.

Wish you to win the lottery, have the best relationship in your life, find peace and what happiness means to you and enjoy it.