One minute sales person by Spencer Johson & Larry Willson

Behind every sale theres a person.

If I’m making money constantly is a sign almost sure that I’m adding value to the other person, the buyer.

I have more fun and enjoy more financial success when I stop wanting to obtain what I want and I start helping others achieve what they want.

  • Sell with a purpose (What’s your purpose?)
  • My purpose when selling is to give people a good feeling about what they want, about what they bought and about themselves (For me personally is to give happiness and peace)

We are the others.

Everything comes down to worrying about the client. (consciously)

Ask to be referred. (Is like having someonwe working for you… for free!)

The purpose separates the 20% from the other 80% of sellers.

  • Am I more worried about getting what I want or am I really trying to help others to get what they want?
  • The one minute rehearsal (Before selling visualize the encounter from beginning to end with success)
  1. Empaty put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.
  2. Advantages (How the characteristics of my product get combined to solve his/her problem.
  3. Visualize the person using and getting benefied by the product and feeling good about it.

People love to buy, but they dislike getting sold at.

  • Share the image you already created with the buyer (Help them see their own advertisement)

-What do they like already from what they have?

-What do they want that they don’t have yet?

Sum up all the key points repeating them to the buyers to show that you are paying attention and understanding them.

-People like to help.

Congratulate yourself when you have done it good.