The Emperor, the Monk and the Magic Lamp.

Hishiryo was known by everyone. Almost everywhere he went to he became a popular man and everyone wanted to talk with him. He didn’t has any pertenences but a blanket he used to sleep by night and sit over by day and a small and beautiful oil lamp covered with gold.

He used to live on the street and didn’t worry about nothing else but helping the one who was passing by, sharing his stories and his life and of course about his meditation. One day someone who had stopped by to talk, asked him about his lamp.

-It is a family thing, a present. – He said holding it with love.

-May I see it? – Asked the man with curiosity.

-Sure, but please be careful not to rub it. – Said Hishiryo handeling the lamp to the man.

He grabbed it carefully and noticed that the lamp had an engraving on one of the sides, he tried to read it but it was hard to read, the first part was already erased because of how many times it had been rubbed in the past. The only visible part left of the engraving was “… simply ask and you’ll get it twice.”

The man read it in a whisper and asked the monk Hishiryo about it:

-What does this mean?

-Exactly what it says. That’s why I asked you not to rub it.

The man’s eyes opened widely with surpise and a big smile of excitement it was drawn over his face. What the man didn’t know is that the first part of the engraving, the part that was already erased was the best part. Hishiryo knew the whole phrase and it used to say “When you give love and peace to others simply ask and you’ll get it twice.”

The man left amazed and started telling about the lamp to everybody, suddenly the story of the monk’s magic lamp got even to the emperor Shah Jahan not without getting a bit distorted first.

-Who tell you this? -He asked intruiged and angered to one of his subjects.

-Everybody talks about it. -He said scared.

-I want you to bring this man in front of me. I want to ask him myself.

-Yes my Lord. -The man answered making a bow and get out of the palace as fast as he could.

After looking for a couple of hours he finally found the Monk everybody talked about. Hishiryo was surrounded by children and a few women standing behind them, they were all laughing and yelling, he was telling them a story about how the universe works and eveything changes all the time, but it seemed more like he was telling them a bunch of jokes and funny making noises.

-The emperor wants to see you! – Interrumped the Man without even carrying.

Hishiryo not only did not let his smile went away but he made it even bigger when he noticed the man.

-And out of the sudden… – Hishiryo continued making a small pause for the suspense. and making some noises like explosion would do finishing the story.

Every one started laughing but the men waiting for him. He caressed the head of a child on his path and walked towards the man.

-Is there anything I could do for the emperor? -He asked with the huge smile yet on his face.

-He have heared about you and the way you are so happy and make everyone around happy without even having but a few posesions. -The man said changeing his tone while he was speaking. There was something on the monk’s simle that made him feel peacefully and happy for a moment.

-When are we going then? -Said Hishiryo picking and folding up his blanket and covering the lamp with it like if it be a precious and delicated glass, next he hung the blanket on his shoulder as if it would be  a back pack.