How everything is connected. Pt. 2

That same night a lot of noises came out off the kitchen waking up the little mouse that was hiding in the hay. He took a look form the hay to try to find out what it was happening when out of the sudden the scream of a woman filled the silence in the farm making him jump scared. What did just happen? He wondered opening his eyes to try to find out what was all that. Next a man started yelling in the kitchen and finally some pounding noises made the little mouse worry about what was happening hidding back in the hay.

The back door of the kitchen opened and the man came out carrying the woman. They both get into their truck and drove somewhere like crazy.

The little mouse felt scared and took a new look out of the hay towards the back door of the kitchen the couple left opened when they left. He wondered for a moment and finally decided to went to check out what could had happen. He took a peek over the corner of the door cautious and a shadow made him run back to the hay scared.

He almost got back to the hay when rememberd about the cow and how she helped him by letting him hide in her bale of hay. The little mouse ran looking for the cow all the way to the corral.

-Cow! Cow! -He squeaked scared and nervous.

The cow listened to the little mouse but couldn’t believe what he was saying, she had to look it by herself, they walked towards the open back door of the kitchen and the cow took a peek carefully. He was rigth, the mouse trap had caught the snake’s tail and apparently she bit the woman, the man simply beated it with a bat ending with the mouse’s problems. The snake was dead already and the trap wasn’t working anymore.

In the morning the man came back to pick up a few things, he threw the snake to the garbage and then left again with a huge backpack. They didn’t came back until the next day. By then the little mouse was already back in his burrow and saw the woman enter the house with a swollen leg covered with bandages. He couldn’t understand totally what had happen but decided to rest and enjoy of his burrow now that there was no mousetrap un the hose anymore.

A couple of hours later the woman started to complain and the man took his knife and got out of the house and he walked towards the hen’s house. The little mouse took a look and followed discreet the man, his eyes opened widely and had to run back all scared to his burrow once more.

Aparently the woman was feeling bad so he prepared a chicken soup which main ingredient it was, of course, the hen.

Next day a lot of people came to the house in order to visit the woman who was still feeling bad. The man went out, to the fold and brought the lamb to a dark place in the stable. A couple of hours later the whole people were on a barbecue.

A week passed by and the man came out to corral, crying. The little mouse didn’t understand what happened. He only knew the chicken and the lamb were gone and now the man was outside crying. A few hours after another man came to pick up the cow and gave the man some money. Next a black car came with a coffin and a lot of people started arriving to the farm, a lot of them were crying and the came to say something things to the man and hug him.

“The only thing necessary for the thriump of evil is for good men not to do nothing.”