How everything is connected

The little mouse was walking back to his burrow that night when he heard some voices outside of the kitchen.

-Where should we put it? – Asked the man to his wife showing the package.

The little mouse took a look over the corner of the door.

-Maybe on the back of the cupboard. I found some gifts from the damn vermin. – She said with an angry tone. -I’m tired of finding all the food with its bites everywhere.

-I’m not sure the cupboard would be a good spot. -He replied opening the package.

The little mouse took a couple of small steps hiding over the edge of the door. The man put the content of the package up to see it against the light and the little mouse’s eyes opened widely. A scary mousetrap shone up close to the ceiling.

The little mouse squeaked scared running back to the kitchen to go hide back in his burrow. The man heard the squeak and yelled:

-Damn animal! Enjoy your last moments!

The little mouse got back to his burrow tired, his tiny ribs were expanding and contracting very fast with a hectic breathing. He couldn’t believe what it just happened, he didn’t even notice at what moment he wasn’t welcome anymore in the house.

He needed to do something about it, the little mouse thought about it for a second and ran to the hen hose.

When he got there the Hen started to cluck:

-What happened? Is everything all right? – She cackled worried when she noticed the mouse fatigued and all scared.

-Something terrible happened! -He squeaked. – They brought a trap! -He yelled.

-What are you talking about? -She asked worried. -What trap?

-A mousetrap! – He hurried to answer.

-A mousetrap? – She asked relieved. -I’m sorry to hear about it, but there’s nothing I can do about it and it sounds that this kind of problem wouldn’t affect anyone but you. I think you’ll have to find out the way to solve it your self.

The little mouse couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His eyes were widely opened.

-What am I suppose to do? -He asked without knowing how to solve the situation.

-Maybe you could ask the lamb.

As soon as the word “lamb” came out from hen’s peak the mouse ran away to the lamb’s fold.

-Lamb! -Squeacked the mouse. – Something terrible happened. I need you to help me!

-Wha… wha… what happened? – Baa-ed the lamb worried.

-They brought a trap. -Squacked the mouse exhausted.

-A tra… tra… a trap? What trap? Wha… what do you meeean? Who b… b… brought it? – Baa-ed more and more worried.

-They brought a mousetrap to put it somewhere in the house! – He could barely say with a little breath.

-A mo… mo… mousetrap? – Asked now confused the lamb. -Wha… what does that have to do with meee? -Baa-ed relieved. -Maybe you should go ask the cow if there’s so… so… something she can do to help you.

-Oh dear! I can’t believe it! -Squeacked the mouse running as fast as he could to the cow’s fenced corral.

I can’t believe no body wanna do anything, don’t they get it? The mouse was running submerged in his thoughts when out of the sudden a poisonous snake crossed a few meters in front of him towards the house. He stopped suddenly scared and hid behind a bale of hay petrified. Great! Now I’m not only going to have to deal with the trap but I am also going to worry about the snake as well! I hope the cow be able to help me or at least give me an advice. As soon as the mouse saw the snake entered to the kitchen he ran away towards the corral.

-Cow! Cow! -He squeacked as loud as he could. – I need your help! Nor the hen nor the lamb were able to help me. -He ran over his words. – There’s a trap they brougth and they are gonna put it in the house and now there’s also a snake in the house. We need to do something about it! -Almost begged the little mouse.

-What trap are you talking about? Where did the snake go? – She moo-ed.

-It is a mousetrap! they are gonna put it somewhere in the house. -He replied worried.

-Oh! A mouse trap. There’s nothig I can do about it. All I can do it is to suggest you to stay in one of my bales hidding from that snake.

-Oh! I see. -He squaked only half relieved but still disappointed and worried. – What could I do about the mousetrap then? – He asked feeling sad now.

-I don’t know my friend. I had a problem too if you say there’s a snake here, at least you can hide but I can’t do so.

-I understand. – Squeaked the mouse dissapointed. -I suppose I’ll have to look for a new house, I’ll have to do what you just said about hidding in the hay in the meanwhile.

– Sorry I couldn’t help you out with that mousetrap.

-It is fine. I’ll find the way. – He squaked with a sad tone.