The Knight and the Witch Pt. 5

King Gofraidh pretended to dry a fake tear of laughter and hit his knee. Next he stood up and everybody went silent, he began to clap going down the steps towards King Arthur.

-Bravo! – The applause resounded in the whole room. -Bravo! Bravo! – He exagerated the last “Bravo!” making a subtle reverence before the King Arthur. -I must admit that I am amazed, Majesty! -He said with a mocking tone. -I don’t know how did you get to that simple answer. -His tone changed to the most serious tone King Arthur have ever listened at. – But I love it!-A big smile appeared on his face while he squeezed King Arthur by the arms. He turned back and went towards his Throne almost like if he’d be taking a walk – To be sovereign of her own life. – Said to himself in a whisper funny.

When he finally sat down he turned at King Arthur that remained immobile in front of him and the smile disappeared from his face.

-Well, what are you waiting for? Get out of here! -He yelled from his Throne with a agesture. – Go away!

The Knights holding Sir Heath let him go, letting him fall to the floor. King Arthur hurried to help his friend, two of his knights appreached him to help and just bejore they came out by the door King Gofraidh adsressed King Arthur.

-King Arthur?

They stopped immediately without knowing what to expect and King Artur turned around.

-Yes Majesty? – He replied worried.

-I hope our kingdoms can work together soon.

King Arthur looked at him in silece and make a little bow before walking out by the door.


That night back at King Arthur’s Palace the whole kingdom was celebrating the return of the Honorable, but King Arthur, his council and the Knights of the roundtable.

-We may can talk to Merlin, he might could help up us! -Someone yelled.

-This is dangerous. We don’t know what is she capable of. -Another voice said worried.

-He could kill her while she is sleeping. -Another suggested.

-She would know. -Finally said King Arthur with bated breath shaking his head thoughtful. Every one got quiet immediately to listen. – I didn’t said a single word and she knew what I went for.

A dense silence filled the room.

-Maybe I could ask her to cast a spell on me so I won’t find her that ugly. – Tried to mock about it Sir Heath making some laugh the ocurrence. The few laughs vanished on the air almost immediately and the silence filled everything right away. -Well – He continued. – It is me the one who she wants, and I do am thankful for not being a captive at King Gofraidh’s palace anymore.

-Are you thinking…? – Some one hurried to try to guess.

-Yes, think about it. -Explained the Honorable, interrumpting him. – Her own words were those …”To be sovereign of her own life“.

-But what about if she tries to be sovereign of the whole kingdom and not just her own life? Who is gonna stop her?

-I’m not sure if she would do it. – Said King Arthur. – She could had done anything to me in that moment. Why she didn’t do anything?

-How don’t we know you are already under a spell. -Someone  said to King Arthur.

-How dare you? – Wise Alix defended him.

-It is fine Alix, he is just saying what everybody is thinking but don’t dare to say and he is right actually. – King Arthur tried to calm them. – How do we know I am not under a spell already?

-There’s a reason why she is the only witch we couldn’t get rid of. – A knight said on the back of the room.

-Yes, thanks to Merlin. – Aclared Alix.

-I think we all know already what must be done. -Said Sir Heath and a silence filled the place.