The Knight and the Witch Pt. 4

Something told King Arthur the cat was the Witch. He left a sight came out and talked to the cat:

-I really want my friend back. – He said with a sad tone. – I wasn’t trying to mock about you…  – He made a pause. -I’m just not the one who should take that decision.

A light air blew raising the dust all over the place making the King cover his eyes. When the air finally stopped he opened his eyes blinking trying to get rid of the dust that was still floating on the air. The Witch was standing in front of him looking to the emptiness with her white eye.

-I see why you were the one who could take the sword out of the rock. – She took a step towards him and said: – You have a pure heart… – She almost wispered.

-What should I do? – He asked her with the most sincere tone she had ever heared.

-What does your heart tells you? – She almost seemed to feel compasion.

-I got to help him.

-It is not as complex as it seems. It doesn’t matter which woman is it. It doesn’t matter who she is. The only thing a woman wants is to be sovereign of her own life. Some of them don’t even know that’s what they really want and some simply use other words.

King Arthur’s eyes opened widely. He couldn’t believe she had already told him, but he knew he had to fulfill what she was asking for in exchange.

-Why are you telling me this?

-He will fulfill what I am asking for.

King Arthur stood up taking her hands.

-Thank you so much! -He said sincerely. -Thank you!

King Arthur came out of the cabin and he and the two Knights rode to Gododdin as fast as they were capable of.

-We are here to answer the King Gofraidh’s question! -King Arthur said to the Knights standing on the outside of Gododdin.

The King and his Knights were escorted to the castle and once in front of King Gofraidh, Sir Heath was presented in front of them.

-So, do you already have an answer for me? – King Gofraidh asked without expecting anything.

-First I need to talk with Sir Heath.

-But of course… -Said King Gofraidh.

King Arthur walked towards Sir Heath and kneeled next to him.

-I’m going to get you out of here my dear friend. -Said King Arthur in a whisper.

Sir Heath, weak with a long beard closed his shaking his head and breathing with difficulties replied:

-I know you’ve done your best, Majesty. I’ll be fine.

King Arthur lamented it. He knew his luck was cast already and even taking him out. They’ll have to deal with the Witch Unk. King Arthur held his friend face with pity.

-You are going to be, my friend. You are going to be.

He stood up and walked towards King Grofraidh who was sitting, indifferent, with a bored face.

-So…? Majesty? Do you have the answer for this simple question? – Said King Gofraidh with a voice full of contempt making a pause like if he would be trying to be dramatic about it. – …What do women truly want?

-I do! And I must admit you were right, it is a simple question that must not know how to answer, it was not easy to find an answer that could be good enough to please you Majesty. – This time it was King Arthur the one who made the long pause enjoying the moment and the cravings for knowing the answer on King Gofraidh’s face. – You’ll see – He continued after a few moments that were like an eternity for King Gofraidh. -The one thing women truly want is… – A new pause made King Gofraidh lean forward at his Throne. Silence. King Arthur pretended to be thinking the answer. – …to be sovereign of her own life. – He finally said with a deep voice tone.

Everyone was in silence expecting for King Gofraidh’s reaction. His mouth opened a bit and his face frowned between anger and confusion turning next into a huge smile and letting a loud laugh came out while he hit the arm of his Throne several times. Everyone in the room turned their heads and looked at each other and finally after a couple of seconds they all started laughing.