The Knight and the Witch Pt. 3

King Arthur couldn’t simply forget about Sir Heat, he was his best adviser, a true wise man, the most known Knight in the Kingdom and his childhood friend. The year was almost over and no one had gave him an answer that could please King Gofraidh, not even one that could please him.

-It is a simple but complicated question. – Have told the Wise Alix when the council reunited at the Roundtable. This goes far away from our limitted wisdom Majesty.

At night the King questioned Queen Ophelia about it:

-My love, all we want is security, at every level, emotionally, economically, physically, sexually… -She had replied at their chambers.

-…To be married, loved, respected and protected by a sweet, loyal and honest prince or  Knight like Sir Heath. -Princess Doreen had told King Arthur.

Every women on the kingdom had answered the question. Some gave vulgar answers, some stupid ones, some interesting ones, but none of them had been able to give an answer good enough to please King Gofraidh. What every body did agree on was that the Witch Unk, deep in the forest, would be able to gave a satisfactory answer.

The year was about to finish and the last thing that left to do, was to get in the forest and ask the Witch Unk the question.

-The Witch Unk is extremely powerful and dangerous, the only reason why she hadn’t done anything is because Merlin spelled the Kingdom after you got to the Throne Majesty so she wouldn’t be able to know where it is located. – Said Alix with a worried tone when King Arthur asked his advice on asking the Witch.

A few hours later King Arthur was riding next to two more Knights on his side towards the cabin  in the dark part of the forest. When they arrived to the the place the whole place seemed dead, even the trees where empty, broken, withouth leaves, darkened, any kind of life seemed faded, the plants that once lived there where all dry, and the ground was covered with leaf litter.

The King and the Knights looked at each other in a spooky silence when they got off the horses one of them coughed softly. Silence. None of them knew what to do, nor wanted to move the only noises there were their breathings and the crunching leaves under the legs of the nervous horses. In front of them the cabin looked rotten lumber, and seemed like it would fall at any moment.

King Arthur put his hand over his sword and started walking carefully making the leaves crunch with every step. A raven croaked over the darkened trees making the tree of them to get tense and the horses get restless. When the king finally got to the door his fist stopped in the middle of the air wondering if he should knock or yell.

The door oppened and the three of them jumped back with their hearts pumping at full speed, one of the horses turned nervous on circles and another got up on its back legs.

A hideous old lady opened the door dressed in black. She was almost completely bald but some long white hairs over her head, one eye was missing and the other one was deformed and white, a huge columbine nose with a huge wart hung from her face, her skin seemed like a huge fire scar and only a few pointy black and brown teeth were still on her mouth and her bony hands were stained and full of wrinkles and warts shaking. A stinky smell came off from her as soon as she spoke.

-I knew you were coming to ask me. – Her voice sounded rough.

The king was still trying to recover from the scare and didn’t believed a word. Anyone could say such thing and it’d sound shocking for someone unprepared.

-Sir Heath still waiting for you to save him. – She told him looking at him with the creepy white eye. -Come in, Majesty. -She let a terrifying laugh came out turning back to the inside of the hovel.

King Arthur looked over his shoulder to the Knights with his eyes wide open. One of the Knights shook his head.

-You can stay outside ponce! -She said yet walking back to the inside without even turning back.

King Arthur swallowed and stepped in bending down a little bit to enter by the tiny door. Both Knights looked at each other mouth opened and decided to stay outside. In the inside the air felt heavy and dusty there was not a single window there, it was extremely dark and there was a rotten smell filling the place that gave King Arthur’s stomach nauseas.

-I do am going to answer your question. Of course… – She said making a pause. King Arthur hadn’t said a single word yet and she already knew everything. -with one condition.

-What condition? – He answered worried.

-Don’t worry – She chuckled. – I’m not gonna ask anything you cannot give, as a matter of fact he is the one who gotta chose if he wanna give his life to a King or a woman…

A silence of death filled the already thick air. King Arthur eyes opened widely.

-You want to marry Sir Heath? – He asked with a knot in his throat trying not to imagine the ridiculous situation. Her face turned into an anger face, she stood up pointing with her arm to the door.

-Get outta here now! – She yelled with an extremely squeaky voice that hurt King Arthur’s ears making him squeeze his eyes and made the Knights on the out side left their helmets go and hold their heads trying to cover their ears.

Some crows squawked loudly on the outside of the cabin flying away and a heavy air blew the leaf litter noisy. When King Arthur opened his eyes the Witch was gone and a black cat was sitting in front of him.