The Knight and the Witch Pt. 2

-Let him go! What do you want from us? -Yelled King Arthur while Gofraidh laughed loudly.

-Do you really care what could happen to this…Honorable lackey? – He pronounced the word “honorable” disparagingly.

-What do you want? – He insisted.

-I’ve heard that you have the best wise men as part of your council. – King Gofraidh made a long pause almost like savoring the silence. – Might this one, be one of them? -A longer pause followed and he walked slowly caressing his beard. -I don’t think so. You’ll see, Majesty, I have barely a few wise men as part of my council and none of them have been able to answer a simply question. -He stopped for a moment and contemplated the ceiling like thinking how to explain the next. – My Queen has gone to France for a year, since we have been having certain…, differences.

King Arthur’s eyes almost came out of his basins trying to take out the words from King Gofraidh’s mouth.

-Don’t give him anything! – Yelled Sir Heat trying to fight against the sword on his throat without getting beheaded.

-Well, he doesn’t seem too wise Majesty. -Said King Gofraidh savoring his power. -I was thinking on letting him go, now I’m not so sure. Maybe he could be useful for me.

-Just tell me! What do you want? – Begged King Arthur.

-You see, I could now just kill you and your lackey and take your whole kingdom which sounds tempting. But I am so merciful. – He rejoiced for a moment. – As I was saying, my lady is… Special, and she is hard to please and as you may know those situations not only affects one’s marriage but the whole kingdom. So here is my offer, you have one year to answer a simple question for me, if your answer doesn’t satisfice me I’ll command my men to kill your… Honorable Knight.

Sir Heath couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the situation was ridiculous.

-What question? – Asked King Arthur.

-“What do women truly want?” – Said King Gofraidh with a deep voice.

Both King Arthur and Sir Heath were extremely disconcerted.

-Wha…, what do women truly want?

-You have one year to answer the question, if the answer don’t please me I’ll kill your Knight. You are free to go, but he stays here until you answer my question. -He turned back and walked hurried to his Throne.

-How do I know you won’t kill him either way? -Asked King Arthur.

-I’m a man of word. – Answered the King with a malicious smile. He shook his hand twice and the Knights holding Sir Heath dragged him towards one of the doors on the side of the salon.

-I’ll be fine, Majesty, just be careful on the way back! – Yelled Sir Heath doing his best not to go hurt by the blade on his throat.

-I’ll free you up. -Replied King Arthur on a vain try to help his Adviser.

-Give King Arthur a horse and send him back with two Knights escorting him to his Kingdom. -Ordered Gofraidh with a fake laugh.