The elephant and the Stake

A few days after he was born his mom was killed by the hunters, so he was captured when was still a little calf.

He remembered everybody ran away, they ran after him, his mom tried to protect him, but they did something to her he couldn’t understand and suddenly his mom fell to the ground. He ran and tried to help her get up but she didn’t responded. He asked for help but the rest was already too far away.

It was put in a wood cart and his legs chained one to the other. Once at the place they called “circus” they tied the chains to a stake that was nailed in the ground. He was just a few days old when that happened. He felt scared and full of sadness.

The next days after he got to the circus a man they called the tamer, started to ask him to do something he didn’t understand. To stand on two legs? No one used to do that back at herd. At the end of that they they put him back and tied him to the stake once more.

He fought and fought trying to take the stake out, and get out of there. But he wasnt able. He used to try to pull off the stake from the ground every single day at night, his legs started to get hurt and the stake didn’t give up. After a few weeks he conviced himself it was useless to keep trying, he’d only continue hurting his legs.

Years later when he was already 16 years old, one day, an animal he didn’t knew about scared him. A tiny mouse entered to his place and when he noticed, he tried to run, didn’t even remember about the stake and this let go off the ground. As soon as he started to trumpet the tamer arrived making him get down to the ground. The mouse didn’t appear anymore but the situation made him realized about something, an idea his mind didn’t let go.

He was sure the stake was nailed to the ground when the mouse first arrived and next the stake was loose, and the tamer got scared. He left pass a couple of days the way things always used to be there at the circus. But the idea didn’t go away, on the contrary it got more and more intense. Maybe I can move it, I’m not the same I used to be.

Something about the idea made him remember when he first used to try to pull off the stake, there was a couple of different stuff from how things used to be back then. Somehow the tamer and everything seemed to had shrunken. How did that happened? I don’t even noticed when that happen. And a crazy idea got to his mind. What about if they didn’t shrink but I was the one who got bigger? That was a possibility that had never crossed his mind. Maybe I do am the one who got bigger! He was starting to feel exicted about it. Being bigger also means to be stronger! Probably that’s the reason why it was so easy to pull off the stake that I didn’t even realized when it happen until it had already happened.

That day he was feeling more excited since this time he was convinced about the idea. He noticed he also was the biggest there in the Circus. And when the tamer tied him to the stake at the ground. He just let him. He had decided that the sittuation required them to be sleeping.

The night finally arrived and he pretended to sleep and suddenly the snoring sounds he was waiting for. The tamer was sleeping already. He stood up as slowly and quiet as he could and in one go he pulled out his leg just as he used to do when he was a little calf. The stake gave up immediately, like if it’d be a tiny twig.

He was free just like that. I’m free! Am I free? I can’t believe it. This is amazing! The emotion was so huge as himself, he was barely able to contain himself, he wanted to trumpet so bad.

He started walking slowly to the exit, and as soon as got to the fence He kicked it as strongly as he could. The fence fell down like a paper sheet making a metalic sound when it hit the ground. He could barely believe it, he was so strong that nobody would be able to stop it.

-What it is happening? -Yelled the tamer from his trailer.

He woke up! The tamer was up and he had no idea where to go. He simply started running and the chains on his legs broke as easily as if they wouldn’t be there. He was free now! He ran away as fast as he was able to.

There was no sign that he was even being followed. The Circus was far now and the trees where everywhere. He felt tired, but didn’t wanted to stop. He had run for almost a whole day since the night before. He didn’t even eat nor anything, he just wanted to keep up running as far as he could from the Circus.

When the fatigue was enough he came out of the trees tired from running and a cloud of dust raise up behind him. He couldn’t believe what he was seening. They were there, just a few hundreds of meters in front of him. His old pack.