The Knight and the Witch.

One day, King Arthur decided to went out hunting by himself, only him and his loyal friend, Knight Sir Heath the Honorable. Sir Heat was his closest adviser at the Roundtable and not Lancelot as everyone used to think.

-It had been years since the last time I was able to walk by myself outhere. I used to know all this terrains and nobody cared about me.

-Do you miss that, Majesty?

-Oh! Stop it, Heath! We know eachother even before I found that bloddy sword, give me five minutes, we are not infront of the council.

-What can I say? You earned it, Majesty.

-Shut up! You are gonna scare the wild pig. -King Arthur knelt looking for excrement. – I don’t think they are close. Now that I think so I haven’t heared the… – He raised his head to find a sword pointing his head.


A bunch of horsemen dressed in armors surronded them, without them even noticing until it was too late. On the distance a dog barked crying and suddenly someone silenced it. Sir Heath grabbed his sword to unsheathe it when two more horsemen pointed his head with their blades.

-No, my Lord! Not so fast. – Said one of the Knights behind Sir Heath.

-What a wonderful surpise. – Said with a cocky accent Sir Ferrant the Brave, the Knight who was pointing at King Arthur’s head with his sword. He was wearing a silver armor with golden rivets and beautiful designs over his chest. – I believe, the King of Gododdin, your Majesty King Gofraidh would be more than glad to have the honor to welcome you at his Kingdom.

King Arthur stood up slowly letting his spear fall and showing his hands as signal of obedience.

–It would be a pleasure to accompany thy gentlemen. – Said King Arthur making a subtle bow.

-But Majesty! They have no…- Almost yelled Sir Heath trying to unsheathe his blade while one of the horsemen brandished his sword stopping just a few inches from Sir Heath’s throat.

-Oportunity to visit our Kingdom yet Sir Heath? -Interrumpted him King Arthur lowering his left hand slowly as signal to put his sword away. -They will soon, now let’s be well-mannered and let’s accept with pleasure these gentlemen’s invitation.

Sir Heath sallowed, putting away his sword with anger without even taking his eyes off of the horseman who was pointing at his throat. A laught sounded low in the inside of the armor in front of him.

-Majesty, please, after you. -Said the Brave. King Arthur started walking towards a path that got lost in the forest.

When they finally got to Gododdin, King Arthur and Sir Heath looked at each other pointing with their eyes surreptitiously the huge walls of several kilometers that surrounded King Gofraidh’s Kingdom.

They walked trought the whole kingdom under the people’s sights who spited to their feet when they were passing by. The sun has already hid away and the sky was starting to get dark when they finally arrived to the castle.

-My lord! -Said the two guardians in unison, at the entrance of a tall door at the inside of the castle lowering their heads.

-I have news for the King. Let him know I bring good company- Replyed Sir Ferrant looking at King Arthur with a look full of hate over his left shoulder.

The two guardians moved away from the door Letting Sir Ferrant get in. He walked four steps and turned back to King Arthur.

-Wait here, King Gofraidh is gonna see you in a moment.

Next he disappeared in the inside of the room behind the tall doors. Five Knights dressed all with armours waited with them with their hands on their swords yet sheathed. After a couple of minutes a Knight dressed with a black armour holding his helmet with the left arm came out from the inside of the salon.

-King Gofraidh is gonna recieve you now.

King Arthur and Sir Heath looked at each other and walked distrustful to the salon. As soon as they got in a buffoon jumped out of nowhere infront of them yelling and laughing:

-Welcome to Your Majesty King Gofraidh’s palace!- He left a loud and annoying laugh get out making King Arthut and Sir Heath jump unprepared. The noisy and plaguy jester got out jumping and screaming making King Gofraidh let out a loud laughingh from his Throne.

-What an amazing honor! -Yelled King Gofraidh standing up from his Throne and extending widely his arms. – Welcome to Gododdin King Arthur and… – The Brave approached King Gofraidh and whispered at his ear. – Sir Heath the… Honorable – He said with a chuckle. -Welcome to my Kingdom and to my castle!

King Gofraidh got down some stairs and walked slowly towards them, stopping a few meters away.

-This is a friendly kingdom, I asure, you don’t need to carry any arms here. -Said King Gofraidh pointing at Sir Heath’s sword.

The Honorable frowned with contained anger.

-Hand over your sword Honorable Sir Heath. -Said King Arthur to his Knight. -You listened, we are between friends.

Without hesitation the Sir Heath trowed his sword to the floor, he did the same with his bow and arrows. As soon as one of the armoured Knights took the blade, and the arc, two more Knights held Sir Heath from behind securing his head with another sword against his throat.

-Now we can talk. – Said King Gofraidh waving his right hand, making the Knights holding the Honorable force him to kneel down.