Astral projection

4 A.M.

Hakim had not been able to dream, 33 more minutes and he should start his Fajr pray, the night felt weird he never totally fell asleep. At a moment, he did started seeing some colors with his eyes closed. The weather was awful outside was raining but the heat was insufferable, probably the reason why he didn’t rest well.

Finally he decided to got up and went for a glass of water. Hakim wasn’t one of those people who are afraid of what they can find in the darkness, he didn’t even used to believe in ghosts so he didn’t even worried to turn the lamp on.

The door from his bedroom closed a bit, slowly behind him. He went out and walked barefoot to the kitchen. He kinda felt pretty light in his body but didn’t give importance to it, Hakim simply knew he was feeling calmed, relaxed, and, even he didn’t felt like he sleep nor for a moment,  extremely rested and peaceful. He grabed a glass of water and poured blindly a bit of water from the plastic jar.

The water tasted like the best thing ever, so refreshing not only for his body but for his soul. Hakim contemplated the darkness on the street from his second floor. All was quiet outside, he didn’t like the darknes but he was not unconfortable with it. There was nobody outside, no noise anywhere but the relaxing music that rain was playing on the outside with a couple of metallic buckets on the terrace.

He blinked slowly for a moment enjoying the calm and after a deep breath decided to went back to his bed in order to snooze for 5 more minutes before his alarm for the Fajr would sound.

He walked peacefuly back towards his bedroom when suddenly noticed a shy platinum shine barely visible that seemed to wink at him from the floor. Intrigued, he kneeled to see what was the tiny shine, picking it up and pulling it closer to his eyes in order to inspect it. A thread? He started pulling it to try to find out were it was comming from.

Hakim couldn’t believe where it was coming from. The thread seemed to come out from his chest, it was confusing, somehow the situation didn’t scared him but intrigued him. Was he dreaming? Confused he dryed the sweat from his forhead and started pulling the thread to find out where the end of it was going to.

The subtle shine started drawing a line that it was going directly to his room. He stood up and started walking pulling carefully the thread. Hakim opened the slowly the door of his room and he found out the shiny line was drawing its way towards his bed and when he started walking and pulling the thread slowly, realized something he hadn’t even noticed at first.

There was someone on his bed. The thread hid under the sheets making his face pucker a bit with confusion the person under the sheets left a snore came out and he realized. This cannot be true. The person turned under the sheets in his direction letting him see his face.

It was himself, sleeping, Hakim’s astral projection didn’t know what to do but to watch himself sleep letting the silver thread go.