The Gates

The gates to other worlds

Often we find ourselves in other realities without even noticing, in other worlds, in other dimensions, in other universes.

Dreams aren’t as often as should be considered the gates to other realities. We have no way to prove those kinds of things although certain theories have started trying do so becoming more and more popular. One of those is the famous Mandela Effect where some people are certain about remembering something in a different way of how it really happened in the first place. One of the most popular examples are two, the first one is where the name of the Effect comes from, when Mandela passed away millions of people got confused since they used to remember that Mandela died when he was in jail and they even remembered a parade in his honor when reality was completely different.

The second most popular example of the Mandela Effect is where Darth Vader told Luke at the middle of the climax in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back “No, I am your father”. The famous phrase got popularized as “Luke, I am your father” when in reality the word was “No” instead of “Luke“, this even affected James Earl Jones, the voice actor in the role of Darth Vader. He said in more than one interview that he clearly remembers have said “Luke“, when in reality if you watch the movie he clearly says “No“.

The Mandela Effect says that we might would be going to sleep and waking up in a parallel reality. So somehow dreams tend to be the gate to other realities without we even noticing. Same happen with the dreams as so, therefore, next time you have a crazy dream you might have just experienced an alternate reality.

The doos 1

The gates to heaven

The Female divinity, anyone who have read the Da Vinci code instead of only had watched the movie can remember the bunch of explanations Langdon gives Teabing discussing about the subject about Female divinity while Sophie was listening at him.

The doors 4

A few centuries back when those kinds of “secret societies” were on their highest pick, they used to consider women as an entrance to Heaven, due to from them is that children are borne, and it is supposed originally we all come from heaven in the first place.

In that specific aspect that could sound as truth although biologically is kinda different. About the entrance to heaven, my opinion is a bit similar to what you’ll read on the gates to hell, our mind is the main key to happiness and it can make us be in peace no matter what’s happening around us.

A clinic patient could might have an smile in his face and seem in peace when reality around him is an asylum, he feels happy and in peace since his mind is in peace, that’s one of many gates to heaven. Our mind.

The gates to hell

The doors 3

From 3:00 A.M.  to 3:33 A.M. it is considered by some extremely religious people as the demon’s time since it’s the oposite to the supposed time when Jesus died and this time it is considered to be an opening for hell to our world.

Auguste Rodin even sculpted his famous gates of hell with the three shadows on top, his famous Thinker in the middle and a bunch of other based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Me, personally, I don’t believe in hell as Dante described it, but as an inner state where a lot of people lives in without even knowing it. Millions of people have everything to be and feel happy nevertheless their minds are in hell and even with a solved life, they suffer, that’s the main gate to hell, not a a burning natural gas fire in the middle of Karakum desert, nor seven gates in  York County, Pennsylvania or whatever.

Dante’s Divine Comedy is a great artwork and even a cult thing for many although the truth is that it is only that, an artwork. He might were in heaven, purgatory or hell but on his mind in different moments of his life.