Dr. Hang’s Coat Pt. 4

When he started getting down the ladders Dr. Hang turned his head back a little bit over his left shoulder and he found on the ground a human looking shadow that seemed to be wearing some sort of a robe, that it wasn’t there when he just arrived to the Common pit in the first place.

-My God! -Almost yelled hugging the ladder and the white coat in his hand and shoulder. -This can’t be real! This can’t be real! – He squeezed his eyes while his body got tense and in his chest the heart rate accelated dangerously.

The moon hid away behind a cloud above in the sky and he opened his eyes while a quick breathing started coming out of his mouth, all his organs felt like coming up to his mouth with every breath he took. After one second he turned his head over his left shoulder once more in a quick movement. The shadow wasn’t there anymore. It felt like his blood and organs fell suddenly towards his feet.

Dr. Hang turned his head everywhere trying to find the shadow, but it wasn’t anywhere. He took two violent breaths and got down the ladder as soon as he could. Once he confirmed there was nobody else around he pushed the ladder down the tree making it fall and a shocking noise filled the place. He tried to run back to the entrance right away when suddenly something pulled him from behind and his mind went crazy about it. His heart was already rushing like crazy.

“The Grim Reaper had got me. The stories were truth. I can’t believe this is happening.”

His left arm felt like it started to tingle and a vertigo sensation made him stumble, his arm got tense and the hardening feeling moved towards his chest to the point it started to hurt, first his arm and almost immediately his chest. His heart felt like it’d be hiting a rock with every heart beat against his chest, and his heart rate went crazy, when suddenly it hit one last time, his eyes rolled up turning white and he fell to the ground on his knees his arms fell to the sides and he fell hitting his face with the ground with the white coat next to him.

6 A.M.

The light was startingt to got clear on the skyline but a thick white fog had started to cover the graveyard. Oscar had finally finished chopping the tree, clearing the Main road. He was taking the pieces of log and branches to the back part of the Cemetery with his wheelbarrow when he got to the bridge and saw Dr.Hang on the ground in front of the rosebush.

Oscar’s eyes opened widely letting the barrow rest on the ground.

-Oh My…, Dr. Hang? – He yelled worried. – Are you OK? – He started walking slowly towards the body lying on the ground.

When he got closer noticed Dr. Hang wasn’t breading, the body was already stiff.

-Dr. Hang! – He rushed, kneeling down next to him. – Dr. Hang! – He rolled  the body, that had left already the coat go, carefully.

A scary face looked at him, mouth and eyes were open widely with a expression of fright on it, making Oscar fall backwards and move back crawling and whimpering. When the body was found Dr. Hang’s jacket was torn from behind with one of the rosebush thorns.

We must never stay with the doubt and just let our mind fly like crazy. All have logical explanation, the sounds made by Oscar chopping the tree, the shadow appearing due to the moon projecting Dr. Hang’s shadow on the floor and then disppearing when it hid after the clouds, Dr. Hang being pulled back from behind by the rosebush.