Dr. Hang’s Coat Pt. 3

Dr. Hang turned everywhere trying to find out where does the sound was coming from. The noise continued repiting over and over again. An iron taste filled his mouth and he started noticing a cold sweat on his forhead, armpits, chest and even his hands. A fatigue sensation hit him out of the sudden and his stomach overturned making him feel nausias. He staggered for a moment and noticed the noises had already stopped.

Oscar’s whistle filled the graveyard coming from everywhere and from nowhere making him realize. The sounds was Oscar chopping the tree. He sighed relieved rolling his eyes and shaked his hands trying to calm his nerves. The cold sensation on his ears, neck and stomach didn’t go away. He tried to relax for a moment and put his mind on calm letting the flashlight on the ground for a moment while he dried his hands on his pants.

He picked up the flashlight again and hit it soflty a couple of times making it flicker a couple of times until the light started working again. His nerves felt a bit better and he decided to continue. He already had a bit more than half an hour in the cementery and according to the Cemetery keeper the common pit was only two hundred meters ahead from where he was.

He started walking towards what it seemed to be a bridge and right in front of it he noticed the Common pit on the other side of the bridge, he turned his head up to the tree on the right and the white coat started moving all over the place like if it’d be dancing with the wind. Dr. Hang got closer to the bridge and tried to calm himself before stepping on it. He leant his foot on the first board of the bridge and this started to crunch creepily, once he made sure it was strong enough to not break he started walking. Every step he took the bridge made a new noise.

Almost an hour after he stepped into the Highgate, he finally got to the Dr.’s coat on the tree. He illuminated it on the tree top and the light flash flickered again turning itself off, he tried hitting it again but it didn’t work this time, he shook it but it didn’t help. He was lightless now on.

He threw it away and walked towards the tree through something he thought it was a tall bush surrounding it, when out of the sudden his right hand got caught with a thorn making him pull his hand quickly what ended up causing a wound. Dr. Hang left a groan get out, holding his bleeding hand.

-A rosebush? – He lamented almost in a whisper. He wondered how could he do to get the coat watching the top of the tree.

He left his head fall discovering a hidden ladder on the other side of the tree that the graveyard keeper might have left there on purpose. The Dr. surrounded the rosebush carefully, next he put the ladder against the tree.

-Ok, You got here! You only have to get it down from there and you go back. Nothing have happened. A…a… and are only a couple of meters above the ground. – He said out loud nervous trying to calm himself.

His acrophobia wouldn’t stop him this time, he climbed the tree repeating almost like a mantra “Don’t look down, you almost get it!” When he finally reached the height of the coat, this was almost two meters to the right thanks to the wind.

-Come with me! – He whispered with a gentle voice while streached his arm trying to reach it. -Come on, a little bit closer, just a little bit… – The air blew strong making the ladder move to the left and the coat seemed to dance towards him.

His heart started pounding fast and strongly in his chest. He was about to fall from the stairs when one of the sleeves of the coat gave him a held out his hand. He stretched reaching it and the ladder moved again, this time to the right. He was trying to untie the coat when he noticed his heart beating on his chest, stomach, his arms and even in his neck. He tried to calm down himself focusing on his “success” of the Coat quest but it didn’t work. The moon took a peek from behind one of the clouds.