The most beautiful star Pt. 4

The emptiness on the outside pulled at him violently towards the nothingness. A scream came out from his mouth while he hugged the oxigent tank filling his helmet with the noise of his own voice. Outside everything was silent to death.

-Oh My God Ollie! I love you! – Hall’s heart was running like if it’d come out of his chest making him felt like if he’d be dying.

His hand started to shake and he had to let the door go once he was able to calm down a bit giving himself a little push away from the capsule.


The northern lights smiled at him and the lights Over Canada sparkled at him. He hugged the tank strongly and tried to look out for Andromeda far away at his back. It was funny it felt pretty similar to being swiming with the difference that there was not surface anywhere nor a feeling of the water pushing you up towards it.

Andromeda 2,5 million light years away.

The space diving was for sure one of the top experiences of his life. He didn’t let the tank with Ollie’s unr left his arms. He talked to Ollie with love and asked her for forvigeness for not being able to make it when she was still alive, maybe even they’d had been able to get back to earth.

-I think it’s time now Ollie, the suit only gives me – Hall started to breath heavely and feel tired. – around 15 minutes, it’s getting fill of CO2.

Hall opened the Oxigen tank’s valve and caressed the red button gently.

-Thank you for the life we shared. I love you Ollie and always will.

Down on earth the police had left Hall’s house and the neighbors were already in theirs. Urien, at the back yard standing over the burned grass, felt like his head was somewhere else, maybe outer space with Hall. What was for sure is that he couldn’t believe what had happen, everything seemed almost like a dream from which he wanted to wake up. He was holding the letter on his hand. Suddenly his cellphone started to ring on his pocket bringing him back to reality.

-He…, hello?

-Babe, are you sure you don’t want me to go? I’ll ask my mom to take care of the kids. They said on the news NASA will try to contact him. – Gemma’s voice sounded far, not from the mic but from his world.

Urien swallowed trying to focus and ended up to come back to the moment.

-No, it’s ok, I was just trying to think. He – Urien’s voice broke  for a moment. – left me a letter. I just need a few moments, I’ll go back home babe.

-Ok sweety, take as much time as you want, we are here for you honey.

-I love you!

Urien haven’t hang up yet when up, on the sky a white star shone winking catching his attention and the light of it, changed to blue and white again glowing. That was Ollie’s and Hall’s star.