I wanna quote Benito Juárez with his, sadly not as much as it shoud be, famous phrase:

“Among individuals as among Nations, Respect for the rights of others is PEACE.

I have no idea how else can I emphatise even more the “PEACE” part. I could only write that and leave it that way, post that one single sentence, nevertheless to know it is not to understand it, and the prove of it is that this particular quote and a million of others have been out there for anyone to read and know although just a few have been able to get it. I need to understand it, I wanna understand it, and help others to understand it.

There is a Poem by Facundo Cabral that I LOVE and part of it says:

“…Help the child who needs you, this kid will be partner of your child. Help the old and the young are gonna help you when you be old. Evenmore, the service is a sure happiness, just as enjoy the nature and take care of it for the one who will come. Give without meassure and you are going to get without meassure. Love until you become the loved one, even more, love until you become love itself. And don’t get confused by a few murderers and suicidals, the good is the majority but it is not noticeable because it is silent. A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for each bomb that destroys there are millions of caresses that feed life…”

This last I know it even though I haven’t been able to understand it but occasionally for small periods of time. I need to understand it and don’t forget it.

To understand is the srength of patience*, tolerance is wrong not like that with patience. Tolerance is to accept a bad thing happening and continue letting it be without any power over it otherwise, letting it take some kind of control over your life and patience is to understand the situation by knowing the story of the other, how ever you wanna call it, life, culture, rituals, ideology, feelings, beliefs, likes, reasons,truths. Is to see the things from the person’s perspective and walk in the person’s shoes. The truth is subjective although true is subjective and none is wrong.


*Patience is therefore in certain way to be stoic, and basically to take control and gain poweronly over yourself, responsability of yourself and over your reactions, not letting external things affects you, that way you are not tolerating but being patient that gives you power over it, it’s a really thin but powerfull line. In other words just as uncle Ben said to our friendly neighbor Spiderman: “With great power come great responsibilities…” and I dare to add a vice versa, “responsabilities give us great power”.

Charles Chaplin couldn’t have spoken better for the whole humanity in his, again not as much as it should be, famous speech in his role of Adenoid Hynkelor in The Great dictator.

Einstein said “I don’t know how WWIII will be, I just know the fourth will be with stones and spears.”

Gandhi was able to achieve an independence of millions of people from one of the strongest countries at the moment, without violence.

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