The most beautiful star Pt. 3

Hall’s head was floating from one side to another when he started opening his eyes and a huge nausea feelings fulfilled him outta of nowhere. That didn’t happened before, not even the first time he had the opportunity to go outer space. He did his best to deal with the vomit in his mouth to not let it float outside. Swallowed disgusted and his eyes cried by reflex. He tried to reach his eyes but his hand bumped against the helmet. The eye drops got stuck under his eyes in the inside of the helmet and he saw Ollie’s picture on the edge of the screen. He raised the shaking hands and tried his best to took the helmet off but he felt too weak.

He had actually endured pretty well so far for someone of his age. His mouth felt dry and thirst got to him with a light taste to vomit. But he needed to rest in order to be able to get the helmet off. A twenty something Ollie looked seriously at him playing on a swing from the screen.

-We did it little start! – He caressed her picture trying to hold the eye drops.

A tiered sight came out of Hall’s mouth and the old good times came to his mind.

-I’ll take you there someday, it is amazing you’ll see. – They were both laying on the grass in the middle of the night and the starts were shining up above their heads like winking to them.

A blink brought him back to reality. There he was floating by himself above the earth next to Ollie’s urn.

-You know little star? – Said Hall to Ollie opening the cover of the improvised tiny window next to the screen- The day I meet you -continued- I was feeling so nervous I couldn’t even think what to say.

A wrinkled smile appeared on Hall’s face while Polaris winked at him through the window. Hall tried to get the helmet off once more and this time it came off easily. A beautiful monologue about the stars and how everything is made with the same stardust started filling the silence in the capsule and the emptiness in the space. Hall spent hours talking to Ollie explaining her, like when she was still alive, how some starts got their names, the stories of each constellation.

Down on Earth only half hour later Hall took off all the neighbors were out trying to find out what had happened, a bunch of patrols and Tv Cameras arrived to his house, the police was taking witness statements. Urien arrived at his dad’s scared and got down from the car almost running to find out the street closed and his dad’s place surrounded with some warning ribbons, a bunch of patrols parked in front of the house with blue and red lights painting everything around with the same colors.

-What the hell happend? Where’s my dad?- Urien almost yelled scared.

-Are you Urien? – Asked the police officer.

-Yes I am! – He hurried to reply.

-Why don’t we go to the back yard? There’s something I need to show you.

All the news channels were already broadcasting all kinds of cellphone videos, the internet didn’t take long to get fill of this videos just minutes after Ollie’s motors started. Everybody was shook, some were celebrating and all kind of stories were posted all over the social media.

Above, just a few hours later the CO2 levels reached the critical level. In fact Hall was starting to feel dizzy, he put the helmet on and activated the system conected to 2 of the 3 Oxigen tanks, the CO2 was liberated from the inside and the capsule’s system got closed immediately opening the Oxigen tanks right away. Few minutes later the preassure and the O2 levels inside of the capsule where on green numbers again. A sleppy and weak Hall took off the helmet taking a deep breath.

-I wish we could have done this before. We could have done this better. Oh don’t start honey. Urien will be fine, he…, I left him the letter. What else I was supposed to do? – This time Hall almost yelled – To just stay and wait for him to be worried the whole time just taking care of me? To go to a nursing home? He have his family now, is a good man, we raised him good, you did it, -Hall started to cry and the eyedrops made small waterballs under his eyes. He took a towel and dry them off. – you did it sweety.

Ollie’s urn seemed almost to smile peacefully. At the window a beautiful view of the northern lights waved Ollie and Hall up.

-According to the computer there still 2 hours of oxigen in the capsule. So, should I go back home and maybe crash or get ready to get out. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen down there if I got back, but – Hall made a pause and took a can of Budweiser Urien brought him from the grociries store. – the world seems as empty as this space without you there. At least here we have the stars and the view, down there the stars are not visible anymore sometimes.

Hall reached a metallic box with a red button on the right and a hose with a “Y” shape on the left side of it, took a drink from the beer and connected one exit of the hose to the full Oxigen tank.

-I’m not sure if it will work Ollie. One thing I’m sure, it had been one heck of a ride.  – Hall took Ollie’s picture and his mouth shook trying to contain the eye drops – I love you Ollie! I always will my little star.

He took some masking tape and pasted the picture to the top of the helmet in the inside.

-It’s time to go outside honey. – Said Hall to the white urn while putting the helmet on.

He tried to stand up and connected the other end of the hose to his suit. Next Hall tried to pull the Oxigen tank with the metallic box on the top, this time the tank moved easily, the lack of gravity helped him a lot. After, he took carefully Ollie’s unr and put it over the metallic box attaching it to it.

-See sweety, this hose… let the oxigen flows and this button makes the spark.

When everything was set up Hall kissed up the urn through the helmet and stood up in front of the door, hugged the tank, scared as heck, with a single arm and with the other hand he opened the door.


Outside of the capsule.