The most beautiful star Pt. 2

An almost comical motorized wheelchair came out at two kilometers per hour pulling the huge capsule named Ollie out of the garage to the back yard of the house. Ten minutes later the same wheelchair was pulling a cart with three huge oxigen tanks that Hall barely was able to move inch by inch into the capsule.

Hall got into the house and took a quick shower, when he was ready got down the stairs and let the letter he had written the night before for Urien over the table next to the groceries. Next, a nervous Hall, dressed with a DIY handmade funny looking space suit done with all kind of weird matterials gotten on the black market with some of his contacts, was hugging a beautiful white marmol urn with the name Ollie written on it with golden letters, the quote “The most beautiful star. ” and the dates “1936 -2018”, contemplating the huge capsule on his backyard pointing to the sky.

Once in the capsule Hall closed it from the inside and let Ollie’s urn in a special compartment made just for her. He let a picture of Ollie on the edge of a screen showing the sky on the outside. Once everything was checked visually, he sat on a weird looking seat that reclined in front of an adapted computer and started it, making sure every system was working properly before letting the motors start. Once the motors were turned on the whole neighborhood would hear and they’d call the police or even worst, Urien, so he’d had only 3 minutes to launch after starting the motors.

Everything checked thrice, the systems started working before the launching motors were on. Hall started the inner motors letting them get ready before starting the launching ones. He swallowed looking at Ollie’s picture and put over a funny looking, and surely stolen from the NASA, helmet.

-OK sweety, here we go!

The outside motors started growling loudly and a violent shake started making him grab the control wheel even harder. Some car alarms on the outside started to yell. Hall checked as quick, and as much as his nerves let him, as he could making sure every single system was yet working OK.

He was sure he’d faint for several minutes even before leaving the atmosphere so once Ollie reached 100 meters on the air the Auto would have to continue the drive out of the planet without him until he’d be able to wake up so Ollie would have to take care of everything because of this the systems should be working perfectly.

Some neighbors started to look out the windows and Hall’s house glasses broke. The launching motors started increasing the noise and some white and blue flames started coming out directly from the motors. The earth under the capsule started shaking and Ollie started rising slowly towards the sky… the flames turned into total white and Ollie shook Hall in the inside.

The neighbors at the windows couldn’t believe what they were looking at. Twenty meters above the ground the flames turned into blue and Ollie started accelerating, thirty, forty, fifty meters, the flames turned into red and the white smoke turned into black. One hundred meters above, everything was on Auto’s hands and Ollie got lost in the dark sky between Vega and Deneb with the flames now turning white and leaving a white smoke trail behind.

An hour later the outside of he capsule turned into a ball of fire for a couple of seconds and suddenly Ollie was outside of the atmosphere. The shaking stopped and it seemed to glide in the space now, the motors stopped and the alarms in the inside of the capsule turned off.