The most beautiful star

He closed the photo album and took a look at her ashes over the chimney. <<I’m gonna take you someday there…>> He had promised her the day he got the news they were starting to send manned missions from now on to outer space.

He was one of the best engineers there back then and actually he was one of the team heads who designed the motors for several rockets.

That day the pain was just enough to make him decide once and for all he’d finally do it. Nobody needed to know.

-I’ll take you there my… sweet… little… stardust – Said aloud Hall struggling to get up from the old chair with difficulties. – I’ll get you there and they won’t even know until we be up there already.

Hall’s son was as heart broken as him by the lost and Hall knew it but surely Urien wouldn’t agree at all to let him do it, <<That’s crazy! Are you mad? You are gonna kill yourselves!>>Urien scolded them when she was still alive and decided to tell him their plans. Now he even had already tried to convince him to let her ashes at the church.

Hall had everything planed, he just needed a few extra materials and that was it, he’d build it. The designs were already done since years ago, maybe a few changes just in case.

He knew a lot of people “in the business” they knew how to get some special and dangerous materials. As soon as he got from the livingroom to his desk, took the old directory and started calling a bunch of numbers on a phone almost as old as himself.

A couple of months after, Urien entered noisy by the crunchy door holding a huge paper bag full of groceries.

-Dad! I couldn’t find the brand you buy, but I got this one that says… -Urien tilted his head to read the sticker on the bottle- “Without… lactose”.

Silence. He left the paper bag on the kitchen table and started unpacking the groceries.

-Dad? Are you here? – Stopped realizing there was nothing else but silence.

The garage door by the end of the kitchen started calling him mysterious and quiet. Urien started walking towards the closed door with an arched eyebrow on his face.

-Dad? Are you OK? -He almost whispered extending his hand to grab the door knob. The door opened suddenly before his hand could grab it.

-Yes! It’s OK as long as it’d be without lactose. – Said Hall closing the door behind him as fast as he could. He was wearing a plastic apron all stained and a face mask.

-What, what you been doing in there?

-I’m painting the Hemi.* – He lied making a wrinkled and cute smile that’d convince anyone. – You had been telling me to get a hobby to distract myself.

-Well, I’m glad to hear you listened to my advice. May I take a look?

-No! – He hurried to reply – You know the smell of the chemicals and I don’t want the smell let into the house. But I… I really appreciate what you’ve done son. Going for the groceries and worrying about me. It’s a… a really nice gesture to your old folk. -He told him letting a wrinkled hand fall over his shoulder with love. -You… I, I don’t wanna get you away from your family… Gemma and the kid’s must be wo…

-It’s OK dad -Urien interrupted him -They get it. Hey! I got you some real food, do you want me to cook something for you? I got some good stak…

-No son, is OK I’ll cook something later my self. You gotta see your family. – This time Hall interrupted him. His voice somehow had love and authority in its tone.

-Sure, I just wanna make sure you are all right.

-I am son. I am now.

-OK then, but you gotta eat better, you cannot eat only Hungry man dinners. There’s everything you need in the bag and just in case you wanna, maybe, share there’s a pack of Budweisers as well.

Hall laughed softly, this time with a real smile on his face.

-You know I never share those. -A new and tender smile appeared on Hall’s face-Thank you son, you’ve done enough.

-OK dad, I’ll go now. If you need anything just let me know OK? – Urien played with the car keys a bit and kissed his dad’s forehead before leaving.

Hall played with his teeth watching Urien go away and as soon as Urien’s Sentra turned by the corner he ran as fast as his crunchy knees let him back to the garage. He opened the door at the end of the kitchen and admired the two metres of circumference by almost two of height capsule in the garage scratching his already scrambled grey hair.

-Is time to go my little star!


*Plymouth Hemi Cuda 1967