The girl of my dreams Pt. 2

The food was amazing, I don’t like parties but this one’s atmosphere was pretty cool actually. We were sitting together almost at the end of the long table. There were around 30 people and the music was pretty cool. We stood up at the same time and went inside, far from the noise, nobody seemed to noticed us left.


Once in the room we simply lay down on the bed and started talking. The conversation flowed away naturally in the most amazing way, it was fun it was stimulating, so interesting. We were just playing almost like little kids.

I felt tired and happy as I’ve never felt before in my whole life. I was just tickling her and she was laughing.

<<My God, she is unbelievable, she is simply amazing.>>

-Come on! Let’s just sleep for a moment! Let’s dream together.

-Are you serious? You gotta be kidding, let’s go back outside! – She got up playful and adjusted her shorts while checking her hair on the mirror.

<<What can you possibly be checking in the mirror? Everything is perfect, you are the most beautiful woman there is!>>

-You are so beautiful!

-Shut up! – She replayed playful trying to pull me by the hand – Let’s go back there.

-No, come on! Just one minute. Please!

-OK! – She crawled over me setting the alarm on the clock. – You are irreparable! Just for one hour OK?

-Yes, yes, only one hour! – I felt like a little kid.

She kissed my chek from behind and cuddle to me from behind. I turned around in order to hold her tight to me and smelled her beautiful her losing myself in her sweet aroma and letting myself fall asleep. That single moment was all I had waited for my whole life.

The interphone rang waking me up and she was gone once more. I woke up on a hurry and the reality filled everything around immediately. I dreamed about her again, every dream where she is it’s just amazing. Although I can’t help wonder myself what would it had happened if the dream continues… I’d have fell into a dream inception? That’d had been amazing, even more if I’d had dream with her again…