The virus

Things as emotions, as states, are not stable, they change, they move. Are infeccious, they go up and down. Eg. Selfsteem, happiness, respect, trust. Sometimes are up, and you love yourself, and forgive yourself and respect yourself and sometimes something, chemical in most cases*, moves inside you and goes down. This happens all the time up and down. Fortunately our thoughts affects our emotions that influenciates our actions. All this will spread as a virus and will spread to others around us.

There is a series called Fringe that I LOVE and there is a chapter in it where a guy who was a guinea pig for some experiments is spreading his feelings all around him, so when he feels sad, everyone around him got sad, when he is happy every one around him is happy and so on. Since the First time I saw that chapter the idea stayed dancing in my mind for several months.

Love is infectious. I remember once I read somewhere that a person feels attracted only to someone else if they both emit the same frecuency. Noetics talks a bit it, about how our brains works under ceritain circumstances like after earthquakes, hurricains and so, our brains get somehow into the same frequency and this frequencies are measurable. And make us all work for the same.

After some situations I started noticing that this it was true and our angriness, our happines, our sadness are infectious and latter science prove it right with the gravitational waves. So I think we should all do this and start affecting our mind and emotional states and start loving, let’s get happy. Let’s make a pandemic.


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  1. […] I have no idea how else can I emphatise even more the “PEACE” part. I could only write that and leave it that way, post that one single sentence. Nevertheless, to know it’s not the same than to understand, and the prove of it is that this particular quote and a million of others have been out there for anyone to read and know although just a few have been able to get it. I need to understand it myself, I wanna understand it, and help others to understand it. […]

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