A new world Pt. 3

Part 3, An old World.

2022, Mars.

The M.R.V. was shaking Danielle and 辉, running and jumping all over the stony ground direction to the Dragon. The sky behind them went from red to blue to grey starting to let the stars shine in silence while Phobos was starting to come up huge on the West while Deimos let its tiny dot rise on the skyline.

-We are 10 minutes away. I confirm visual. Over. – Danielle was trying to hold anywhere she could. – My God! 辉 if you don’t kill me making me fall down I’ll be the one who kill you when we arrive.  – 辉 didn’t even listened to her trying to escape as far from the skeleton as he could.

-You gotta hurry, Sol 2,109 will end at 24:39:35.2502. Temperature on your approximated coordinates is under -40, the shadow will be at -127 degrees Celcius according to Falcon9. Over. -Ursa’s voice sounded excited and worried at the same time.

Phobos 2
Deimos 2







Fifteen minutes later, Oлег couldn’t believe what he had in front of him. The perfect metalic cube was flashing over and over again. Everyone looked at each other trying to find an explanation to what was happening. No one was able to give a hint.

-Ac… according to Falcon9, California asked for the images of the Cave. NASA was advised as well but they don’t have an official explanation either. They want us to make an analysis and Morrowsol Falcon9 is gonna send the Dragon V2 so they are gonna take the…- Oлег’s words got confused when he tried to identify the cubic object in front of him. – … the, this thing back to California for further analysis.

-How are we supposed to analize this? a…a… and aren’t we gonna do anything about the freaking skeleton? – 辉 couldn’t believe the government didn’t have an official explanation. He used to be a fan about conspiracy theories back in earth. All the weird stories were a small part of the many reasons why he finally decided to go to a new world.

-I don’t really know 辉, I’m amazed about all of this. The Dragon V2 is gonna take the skeleton with them as well. We are gonna have to take them to the Cave. I don’t even know if Gabriel is gonna come himself or if he is gonna send any of the guys. -The more Oлег tried to sound on charge of the situation the more he felt uncapable of doing it.

-I’d love to have a dri…- Ursa’s voice was still on the air when the Cube made a loud metalic bip sound and a green light filled the room blinding them for a moment. The air got cleaned somehow and the temperature in the room got down two degrees out of the sudden.

-What the hell was that? – 辉 held Danielle’s arm making a shameful effort to step behind her.

The upper face of the cube appeared open now and a  white light comming from the inside draw a bunch of zeros and ones on the ceiling.

Binary code
Binary Code

-Is that…? –

-That cannot be … – Oлег interrumped Ursa with a confused voice.

-Binary code? It looks more kinda like…

-Morse Code? – Danielle cut Ursa’s voice trying to get ahead while 辉 was almost trying to tear off her arm.

-Quickly Ursa take note – Oлег’s fear got away leaving the excitement in its place. – The camera! Quickly!

Ursa started writing the Morse code, the more she translated the more bizzare it got. A bunch of weird letters without any sense to them started to appear as Ursa translated it. The computer analized the pattern and recognized some sections in a similar sound to how egipcian hieroglyphics was supposed to sound, some parts were recognized as acadian, eblaite, elamite and maya.

-Eblaite? are those dead languages? – Danielle’s voice filled the silence. – Can we translate it?

-I’m not sure, I guess, but the computer worked it out with pure aproximations. Let me try.  – Ursa introduced a bunch of commands and the computer at the Dragon printed a text on the screen letting everybody mouth opened:

We ruined this world when we let them take the resources we shouldn’t had used without the Element Zero they took away initially. Human kind took all and every one of our resourses. Water, Oxigen, Oil, Wood, Carbon, Gases, Uranium, the Element Zero, everything is gone, after they left us dying the Eden started dying as well. At the end they even took our Date system, way of communications, our languages, our DNA, our shape and some of them even got mixed between us. I’m not really sure if any of them still between us… Mission to Earth was successful.

Day 40, Earth…

…the Atlantis started the Temporary Colonies at 35°15′15″N 24°15′30.53″W under Noah’s command. According to 56510 they have until 2029 to find a new home before the Apophis reaches Earth. Noah trust… I’m not sure if 56510 is one of them… 56510 told him how to built the Atlantis.

Day 366, Earth…

…56510 ordered Noah to let us here. We are dying. Everybody went to the underground to try to survive… 

…Oxigen is too low on the surface… 

Outside of the Dragon the stars didn’t know what to do but shine talking to each other while the Red planet smiled Phobos in silence.

Phobos 1
Phobos on the skyline