Learning to love

Simply feel the need of letting what I’ve struggled to learn here for whomever may need it or found it and for myself. I still forgretting* these and other learnings I’ve got so far.

Knowing is having the information (Knowledge), understanding (wisdom) is to do it, therefore knowledge is not power, knowledge is useless without action.

Same thing fall into emotional intelligence, personal growth and basically everything else. You can know it is good to be altruistic but not understand it thus you’ll not do it, some times even if you want to.

  • The purpose is basically to serve others, with your gifts, those things you are naturally good at, that you love doing, make them work for the others.
  • *The brain always work with the forgetting curve, you’ll forget even emotional and spiritual learnings if you don’t review them.
  • Fault and Responsability. It is not your fault certain situations, nevertheless you are responable of your life, your happiness, your emotional state and to take responsability is to take the power back. Accepting responsability is not admition of guilt.


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