A new world Pt. 2

Part 2, The cube.

2022, Mars.

-Calm down! What are you talking about? – Олег asked more than confussed.

-A God damn skeleton! A human skeleton! Don’t you get it? How the hell a human skeleton got here before we did? – 辉 was running over his own words.

-Danielle, check his oxigen levels.

-I’m not high! Are you kidding me? Check it yourself on the Signal.

-I did! There’s no image, nothig but static. – Oлег’s tone sounded like a heavy iceberg falling over 辉’s back letting him breathing like he have just finished a maraton. His eyes opened widely, he couldn’t believe it, 辉 felt the blood leaving his arms and running directly to his stomach, chest and head.

-Tha…, that, can not be true – Mumbled 辉 to himself, he felt like he was going crazy. The situation felt so unreal that his percetion of the reality changed for a moment and everything went slow and blurry.

-Are you Ok? – Danielle put her hand over his shoulder making him get back to the moment. She knew 辉 wasn’t kidding at all. A second later the screen on 辉’s sleeves confirmed it with a bip sound indicating a dangerous decrease on the sugar levels, a 140 bps hear rate and a 20% increase on the CO2 levels in his suit.

Silence. A thin static sound finally broke the silence after a few moments like if it’d have understand the situation.

-Ok – Said Oлег finally. – We need to do something about it. I…, I will let Falcon know about this. There’s 57 minutes before it gets dark. You guys need to get back.

-No, wait! – Yelled 辉 getting up on his seat. – There was something…, a cube.

-A cube?

-Yes, a flashing cube! It was like a feet away from th…, from that thing. – 辉’s voice broke a little when he relized it wasn’t a good idea to have said it yet. You could have just waited got back to the Dragon, you idiot, now you are gonna have to get back in there and get it all by yourself. 辉’s eyes closed making him regret his own words. – I…, I guess I gotta get back there now, am I right?

-Yes… – Said Олег with a sad tone. He knew how 辉 could have felt about the idea.

-Damn it – Said 辉 to himself.

-You don’t need to go back now. We can just get back to the Dragon and think what to do about this.-Danielle tried to convice 辉 without success.

-Wanna come? – Tried to mock 辉 about it.

-Just yell if you need me. – Said Danielle with a soft fake smile with a worried tone.

-Ok then… – 辉 left a new sigh come out.

-We’ll let Gabriel know about, keep us informed guys… Over. – Oлег’s tone worry 辉 more than it was supposed to calm him.

Space station


-I’ll let Falcon1 know about. I’ll confirm in 1 hour. Over. -Gabriel was amazed by the situation. He wonder if he wasn’t being part of a prank. – Falcon1? Do you copy Falcon1? You are not gonna believe this.

Ten minutes after the radio over Falcon9 broke the silence with a voice distorted by the static.

-Go ahe…ad, Fa… lcon… … 9… We are …ing Fal…con9…