Hawkins’s bottle second part Chapter One


When Hawkins opened his eyes a sharp pain ran through his head, a thin thread of blood fall through his forehead and he felt a somnolence as he had never experienced. He was in the water now. Meters away he saw some bodies floating face down, broken barrels and ropes floating, someone was drowning on the distance under the sails that were now covering the water, someone else was struggling to find the way out to breath and the Fancy was with the bow under water and the stern pointing to the sky. When Hawkins finally noticed he was in the water, sleepiness, pain and the water hit him once more with more intensity and his eyes got closed again.

A few moments after he woke up, but the doze hadn’t gone yet, now he was under water a few centimeters from the shaken surface. As he could got his face out of the water fighting against lethargy to breath. A blurry shape appeared next to the bodies. Was only visible the poop deck far away and the rests were floating dangerously in the waves. Hawkins tried to shout for help to the blurry shape when a new wave hit him making him swallow water. A few seconds under the water felt like an eternity, opened his eyes trying to find out the surface. The sharpen pain was now unbearable. His eyes burned under water and he found a fuzzy shadow on the distance in the shape of a “Y”.

-Is that a caudal fin? A Shark! – The somnolence grew up out of the sudden making him close his eyes.

Somehow his head was out of the water when he opened his eyes. That shape was finally coming towards him.

-Hurry up please, I can’t anymore, I’m drowning. – The words never came out, he coughed up the water he had swallow instead. His lungs seemed to burst and an annoying burn ran down his throat and nose leaving a sensation like a scratch inside when the water came out. He inhale with despair and a taste like salt swamped his mouth. The eyes burned again and he thought to blink, but the shape had got so much closer to be just a blink. He kicked and slapped with desperation as much as the torpidity let him to. He blinked again but this time when he opened his eyes a woman was floating in front of him.

She tried to tell him something but he didn’t recognized her language.

Sh… Shark – He answered slapping her trying to hold somewhere. He submerged her in the water by her head despaired to keep up floating and breathing. He noticed immediately that he might drown her, but he needed to hold on somewhere otherwise he would drown. When finally he noticed she wasn’t even trying to get out she immerse under his hands making him swallow water once more while he swamped too. He raised his head out of the water coughing, next the salty taste when he inhale violently while coughing. She serenely came out to the surface a couple of meters away from him. He stretched his arm to reach her and saw in her eyes compassion. The doze hit him brusquely and her gaze stayed on him watching him faint.