The Fusion of Nice and Evil

Did you ever watch the advertisement on the Axe fusion deodorant? I love the concept of the wrong and good coexisting and the way those adversements branded it. The dude stopping the woman jogging to save her from getting run over but at the same time touching her breast when stopping her. I truly believe, one way or another, that’s what’s inside all of us, the yin and the yang, the bad and the good, the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

Nice and evil
Yin and Yang Symbol

We all are like this in the inside, although there are people who left the good thing opaque the bad things and the other way around, people who have amazingly good things but don’t let them show since they opaque them with the bad things. And discovering both parts inside of myself kinda inspired me to do this drawing of my self as an angel and a demon.

Nice and evil 2
Fusion of Nice and Evil by Ache

The Lucifer effect, the one you can watch in the movie “The stanford prison experiment”, explains this better. We all can change, of course the environment will influence the subject, but at the end are ourselves the ones who chose how we respond to a situation. As Viktor E. Frankl quoted Dostoyevski in his book Man’s search for meaning “Yes, a man can get used to anything, but do not ask us how.” This show us that the same happened at the Standford experiment than in the concentration camps, people became aggressors or victims. Some let their own demons to control them until the point where they ended up commiting suicide or becoming into a real monster and some as Frankl himself fought against his own demons conquering them and found his own meaning.

“A bomb makes more noise than a caress, but for every bomb that destroys exists million of caresses that build life” Facundo Cabral

I know about this coexistence in ourselves, but I also believe what Facundo Cabral said is true. Most media rather exposse the killings and worrying situations around the world, but, for every bad situation around the world there are million of good things that the media don’t cover. The millions of people who help someone without asking anything in exchange, millions of kisses, kind words, hugs. This yin and yang kinda thing makes me realize that not everything is bad or good, black or white, there are grey tones in the middle.

We are the ones who decide. This is a pretty complex subject and we have a lot to talk about it, the Joker, the Death note and Kira, Gandhi, etc. Let me know what you think about in the comments.