Talking about making dreams come alive

“It was raining as if the sky was falling apart, a thunder bursted at my back. I was running away from it as hard as I could to the alley behind the factory, I knew the backdoor was closed. I could see the white van parked in front of the dock. 

-Damn it! It’s gonna get me, I need to hide! 

Another thunder exploited over my head in the sky, shaking everything around me. The rain intensified and I got all wet on the van but I wasn’t able to close the back doors behind me. At that moment a loud growl made me realized I wasn’t save in there, all I was able to do was to open the side door and get down from the van just at the same time it entered through the back doors breaking through the ceiling and tearing it as if it was paper.

I ran away as fast as I could. A thunder bursted as none before waking me up from my nightmare. I was in my bed fortunately, the sky did was falling apart but I was so comfy in my bed even after a nightmare. I was around 10 or 11 years old and never forget that nightmare, the next morning even seemed the coolest dream ever.

Someday I read that there are a bunch of things that have happened due to dreams. Paul McCartney said he wrote Yesterday due to he dreamed the melody, Alberto Durero painted several of his dreams, specially his nightmares, Mary Shelley had an amazing dream after a reunion with Lord Byron and other friends, that dream inspired her to write Frankenstein,  Einstein’s relativity theory was conceived after dreaming he was traveling the space riding a thunder.

I don’t known about you but to me it is pretty weird, I almost never remember my dreams, once I wake up I forget them completely, but when I do remember I identify them because everything in my dreams seems like it’s made out of fog and I the fact that I can remember one dream it says to me that there’s something my mind is trying to tell me. I guess I was stressed back then with my exams or something like so.

More than ten years apart from that night I remembered the dream once more and decided to draw it making my dream come alive in some way, although I’ve never been good at drawing from my imagination, so I mixed pictures to try to assamble my dream as I remember it. No need to say I was a DBZ fan back when I was a kid. Tell me about your coolest and weirdest dreams.

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Making dreams come alive by Ache