The day I did skydiving

I must say this had been my favorite experience so far. Since 6th grade of elementary school I started to feeling eager to do skydiving. But I ended up convincing myself to save some money and do it until when I was working as a Consultant. I got earlier that day and started investigating before everyone arrive. A few moments later I did a phone call requesting information and they told me it was cheaper to do it in group, so I told all my friends, somehow everybody got scared and pretended they didn’t have money or whatever.

I decided to jump by own. So they gave me an appointment, yes, an appointment to jump from a plane. It’s funny how it sounds, isn’t it? I felt already excited when I got my appointment done. I was like:

Yes! I’m gonna do it!

The day came and one of my friends accompanied me, she left her car at my place and we took the highway to Cuautla. The time had arrived but I was late, it didn’t matter fortunately.

Half hour later of my appointment we arrived. I approached to the stand and tell the pretty woman behind it I had an appointment to jump, she told me they were an hour late due the army just asked them permission to use the field for their own jumps. In the mean while she gave me a paper I had to fill.

I took the sheet and went to a table to fill the blanks. “I release all responsibilities from Skydive Cuautla in case of accident or death.” read the first lines of the paper, I signed it as relaxed as I could, although I was more than nervous pretty damn excited, but I must admit something like so, it does sounds very intense.

I paid my jump, the video and photos. Moments later I was on a funny car riding towards a Twin Otter. Ten minutes later we boarded the plane, me the first to board it and the penultimate to jump.

El dia que salte de paracaidas (2)
Just a second before the jump
El dia que salte de paracaidas (1)
40 seconds free falling at 200 km/h







There I was, falling from 13000 feet. The sensation was so beautiful, similar to when you dive into a pool but without ever touching the water, just accelerating more and more with each second it passed by. The weirdest and worrying was the fact that air felt so clean and light, but every breath I took it almost felt like I wasn’t even breathing at the beginning and a funny sensation like tiny drops started to fill my moustache and beard.

I must confess when I was falling down the first time I thought, don’t know why, it was:

Where is the dude with the camera? 

But then he appeared and it was droll I felt the googles going up, I didn’t know what to do with my arms and when finally I decided to let them free they keep going up. Then I just forgot about everything and decided to enjoy the feeling of falling down. I didn’t even know if the parachute would open…

And it did, obviously, we started descending and decelerating and at a moment, Carlos, the instructor, decided to start playing with the parachute so the parachute turned till it got parallel to the ground and it started to spin in circles, it was like riding a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters, is funny how I love the sensation of skydiving but hate something more secure.

We continue our descent a bit slower, thing I appreciated and I had the chance to play a bit with the parachute directing it. Finally all things bellow us started growing slowly, the instructor let me know:

“We can land in two possible ways depending on our speed, sit or on our feet. If I tell you to run you start running.”

Finally we started approaching the ground and Carlos told me – “Sit!” 

I’m sure I’ll do it once more, don’t know yet when but I hope soon and I’m looking forward to get a certification in order to be able to jump without an instructor.

El dia que salte de paracaidas (3)

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway. Mary Kay Ash