Flirting at the CN Tower

The ground felt like if a soft earthquake couldn’t stop, almost like how it feels when a huge truck drives right in front of you.

We walked around and there was a guy playing his drums with a speaker an a small bucket in front of  the drum, and every time someone put some money into the bucket he sang “Thank you“.

We bought a couple of tickets to get in and took the elevator to the gazer, we basically were more kids than adults back then, I was 17 years old so we were playing all around the whole time, we took a bunch of pictures and suddenly in one of the floors he hear two dudes talking with an accent from Spain

– Joder macho! Mira naa’mas tío! Pero que par! – it could be translated as something like “Fuck macho! Look at that, dude! Nice couple!

I watched at the direction they were looking at and a couple of beautiful teenagers on tight skitrts were on the balcony taking selfies and laughing. My friend and I looked to each other and to the spanish guys, the were around 30 years old so there wasn’t a good idea for them to approach them.

My friend and I started to say to each other

-We must approach them! But, What are we gonna say? – He told me

– I don’t know, I have no idea.

But they were the most beautiful girls I had watched so far. So I decided to approach them, but when I was almost in front of them I remembered I need to talk to them in English.

I hadn’t even approached a girl before in spanish, not out of nowhere, but I was already standing in front if them.

-Hi I don’t wanna interrup you but I’m on vacations and saw you here taking pictures. Would you take a picture with us? – Later my friend explained me that “interrupt” is understood but is more common to say “disturb”.

-Sure! – The first I thought was “What? Are you for real? That easy?

– Where are you from?

– We are from here, and you? – They asked me

-We are from Mexico.

My friend went for one of the spanish guys, to skto him to took a picture from he four of us. Now we were just showing off with the Spanish dudes.

-What’s your name?- I asked the blonde one.



-Ashley – She corrected my pronunciation.

-And what’s your name? – I asked the brunette one but to be honest I was interested on Ashley and I can’t remember the name of her friend.

Suddenly my friend arrived with one of the spanish guys and Ashley and I hug and smiled for the picture while my friend huged her friend. I remember asking a second photograph with another camera just to keep hugging her a bit longer. Although I must confess I felt like she was happy with the situation too.

No, I won’t put put the picture here for respect to the girls.

After the picture we just thanked them and went away. I regret so bad about too many things I didn’t do, not just that time but a lot of times in my past, but that’s one of them.

We stayed at the CN Tower until around six pm, we went to the restaurant at the top to eat something and went away, not before we play a bit at the souvenirs store.

We walked outside of the Tower and we were amazed after noticing the drummer was still there since we arrived at the afternoon.

Ache standing down the CN Tower

Next dat we went tI take a walk to Queen St. Or as my friend explained me the equivalent of the “5th avenue” of New York at Toronto.

We walked into a few stores, the one I do remember was the Louis Vuitton one. We entered and each one started checking random things, I noticed a cool Fedora violet hat and picked it up, when I saw the price I couldn’t believe there would be someone who’d be willing to buy it at that price. “$4000? Are you kidding me?” I thought

A guy with his 11 years old son came into the store and the kid was just walking around with contempt like if nothing was good enough, and although in my opinion it did wasn’t enough at least not for those prices. But my lord! That kid was pretty spoiled!