Welcome to Canada

I was waiting on the line and I heard the immigration Officer say to the passengers in front of me:

Merry Christmas – One of the passengers who was already walking away turned his head and asked back

Christmas? We are in May.

Yeah, but you people pay our taxes. -Replied the officer.

I believe that’s the worst joke I’ve ever heard, if it can be called that way.

It was my turn now. I walked to the stand and gave my papers to the immigration Officer, he checked up his screen quickly, just asked me the reason of my trip and I said as clearly as I could:

– I’m visiting a friend. –  He simply opened my passport and put the seal on it.

Welcome to Canada! – He said

I had finally arrived. I walked with all my stuffs through the gate and a fair amount of people were waiting for their acquaintances. I tried to look for my friend between them but all I saw were a bunch of Asian people holding sheets with texts on Hangul, or Hangeul, and some Hanzi.

I just kept walking and looked for a seat while I continued watching around to see if I could find my friend, but nothing. I just sat and waited for around thirty minutes. And every minute that happened I became more and more afraid of my fear coming true.

I saw an Information stand and decided to go ask them to call my friend on the speakers. When I walked to the stand a chubby guy was asking something to the host, I just heard him curse and even more I got surprised I understood the bad word. It seemed he could not reach the flight he was asking for or something like so.

– This is the first time I come and it’s supposed that my friend should be coming to pick me-  Yep, I did forget to say the “up” at the end, even when I knew it was supposed to be said that way I didn’t used it due to my insecurity on saying it wrong, thing I ended up doing, funny how the mind works, isn’t it? -I don’t know if you could call him over the speakers. – He asked me the name of my friend and a few moments later I could hear them calling him out in Spanish with a funny Canadian accent and he still didn’t appear yet.

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer

Almost an hour later I was already thinking on take a taxi and try to go to the homestay when suddenly someone came to me screaming from behind. He tried to scare me but fortunately failed. I greeted him and his sister. We went out and took a taxi, started talking about a bunch of stuffs I can’t even remember, what I do remember is that I was freezing already and we were in May!

Fifteen minutes later the taxi driver told my friend to get down of the car and check out a sign to confirm if it was the street we were looking for, but he didn’t understand what the taxi driver was saying, so the dude got mad and almost yelled at him, I was shocked, almost as much as my friend, meanwhile my friend’s sister told me in Spanish that the taxi driver was an asshole.

When we arrived to the homestay it was already 8 P.M. so the only thing we could do that day it was to go to a Pizza Pizza and eat a slice each. We were talking for hours and went back to the homestay too late by then, they had to stay with me to sleep the night there.